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姓名: 1、用所给词的适当形式填空。
Dear Dad and Mum, How are you? I


(be)fine in London at the International School of English. I’m in Class (be)from Canada, Japan and Australia. Our English (help)me a lot

Six with eleven other students. They teacher ’s name and I and I

(be)Emma Janes. She is a very good teacher. She (like)her very much.

I am living with an English family. Mr. And Mrs. Hill

(have)three children. They are (make)

David, fifteen, Helen, twelve and Bekey, nine. They are all very kind to me. I like friends with them, but it’s not easy (understand)each other.

London is very big and interesting. The weather too, but I

(be)cold but sunny. English food is OK,

(not like)coffee at all. The parks are very nice. Hyde Park, Green Park, and St.

James Park are all in the city center. Write to me soon, Please. Love from Wang Mei

Careful and careless are as d have b as fire and water. But it is strange that quite a few scientists . Newton, the

these qualities(品质). They are both careful and c

famous English scientist, was such a person. Once Newton i a friend to dinner at home. When they were r to eat,

Newton left to get a bottle of wine. But after his friend had waited for a long time, Newton still didn’t come b . At last his friend found Newton in his lab. When Newton was going to get the for his experiment. So he quite forgot his friend

bottle of wine, he suddenly had a new i and the dinner.

Einstein was another example. Once he was waiting for a friend at a bridge. While waiting, he became lost in thought. It started to rain. The rain kept on for some time. When he took out a piece of paper to write something d r the rain. , the paper was wet and then he knew that it was he was standing in

. But after he put the paper into hes pocket, he again f

Only Mother Love is true love. It gives everybody everything all h are still a baby, mother takes good c always h day and n life. When you

of you as much as possible. In her waking hours she

you in her arms. When you are ill, she stops her work right now to look after you and forgets about herself. When you are g up day by day, she

feels very happy. When you are old enough to go to school, mother still looks after you all time. On cold winter days, she always tells you to put on m clothes. She always stands in the wind breakfast,

waiting for you back from school. When you hurry to leave home for school w she always feels w

about you all morning at home. She usually knows about your study

and spends much money on your school things. When you do well at school, you will see the brightest s On her face. Mother is always r to give everything she has to her children, not to receive. What

true love that is in the world! We will remember Mother Love forever!

Knowing how to use a computer is an essential skill for everyone w wants to succeed

in today’s world. One basic computer program that everyone should learn to use is the word processing program. Most types of writing are e produced with a word processing program. For e

, everyone must sometimes write a business letter. Using a computer allows you to arrange(安排、排 列)and rearrange information easily, making your writing more c Word processing programs can help you check your s easy to correct m Computers can be u . for much more than word processing, however. Other areas are . Jobs i the computer field and exactly correct. and grammar. A computer makes it

picture design, programming, and creating new g are growing, and strong computer skills can s

you well now and into the future.

Everyone needs friends, and if you f is anything wrong with your personal qualities. To make friends, you must be friendly. A cheerful person smiles. A smile always makes the others like you. Smile at someone and you are s A friendly person does his b place and make them feel welcome. Try to r names. It makes your new friends feel happy when you call them by their to get a smile back from him. to make the others feel at home. Put yourself in their to make friends, you should think whether there

names, because you don’t forget them. If you do not a with other people, you should still be friendly. Do not argue, b of others

discuss. You always lose friends if you argue too much. And you should think m than of yourself. It is important for teenagers to have one o

a group of good friends. This is very to

important in children’s growing up, because friends can discuss things which are too d say to their family members. F need is a friend indeed.

, don’t believe those who leave their friends when they are in trouble. A friend in

Dear Helen, I’m back in Britain now after a great holiday with Jenny in Dublin. I really enjoyed it. We traveled by (飞机)and boat. I hated the boat journey---- I tried to (累的) when we got there, but (三) weeks and they (睡 (她 (做

觉), but it was very difficult. We were both very 的)parents were wonderful. We stayed with them for 饭)lovely meals for us. I practiced my English all the time. We visited many was not

(朋友)and also some of Dublin’s beautiful buildings. The museum (开的)so we didn’t go in, and we just looked at the outside. I liked the (音

university very much. What a great place to be a student! I also loved the pubs, with their 乐)and friendly waiters. The

(天气)was terrible. It was very wet, but everything else was great.

See you when you come back to Britain.


Now some women are spending a weekend at Mother ’s Camp. There, husbands and children are (拒绝). Why would a woman want to take a vacation without her family? Some women say they need time to be (单独的). (她自己). She can sleep, read or watch

At Mother ’s Camp a woman has a room for TV

(自由地). No children will ask, “Mom, what’s for dinner?” No husband will say, (干净的)socks.” In fact, 50% of women in the United States

“Oh, dear, I can’t find any work a their

(在……外面)the home. Many of them work full---time and then come home to (第二)job ---- taking care of their homes and families. These working women say one of (最大的)problems is housework.

In the United States, working women do about 75% of the housework. Many of their husbands say they want to help. But they ask so many questions that their do the job themselves. Some women go to Mother ’s Camp just to relax away from home. They enjoy warm, sunny weather, (躺)on the grass, flying kites or boating in a lake. They have a really wonderful vacation at Mother ’s Camp. (妻子)decided it is easier to

Years ago, if a teenager had some problems in his life, he might write them in his diary. Now a teenager w the same problems might get on the Internet and write them in his blog. In from a diary? diary. Usually, a teenager . Both diaries and blogs tell what

many ways, a diary and a blog are almost the same. So, what makes a blog d The biggest difference is that a blog is much more public t likes hiding his diary book and treats it as one full of s happened to the writer that day.

A blog has both good and bad points(特点). The biggest problem is that anyone can read what you write in your blog. If you are not satisfied with a friend during school and write something bad about him in your diary, he will never know it. H your blog and get a , if you do this on the Internet, that friend may read

. So we have to be careful of what we write.

A blog has good points, of course. People choose to write in blogs; they know that their friends will read what they write. If you are f sad one day and write in your diary, no one will know back to

about it. If you write the same words in your blog, your friends may quickly w

comfort you or offer their help. Blogs help people stay in close contact(联系)and let them know what their friends are doing.


it’s a good way to write blogs about everyday life, I still p

my old diary.

Eleven – year – old Antonin Careme could not believe that his father had ordered a lot of delicious food. It was an unexpected(意料不到的)dinner b eating thankfully, his father e father could no l make money h . the streets, wondering who would take him in. he happened to need an assistant. In the the Careme family was poor. As he was

to him in a sad voice that this would be a farewell meal. His support all his children, so Antonin would have to leave home to

After the meal, Antonin walked a knocked on the door of a restaurant where the o restaurant, young Antonin g employer(雇主)decided to teach him a

his first lesson in cooking. He was hardworking and his the skills and secrets of French cooking. When he

was fifteen years old, Antonin trained under the famous cook, Baily. One of Baily’s customers was s asked him to be his p diplomat, a banker and even the king. impressed with Atonin’ style of cooking that he cook, working at his home. Antonin later went on to work for a

When the Great Library of Alexandria burned, the story goes that one book was saved. But nobody thought it was a v book. A poor man, who could read a little, bought it for a few coins. .

The book wasn’t very interesting, but between its pages there was something very interesting i It was a thin strip of vellum(羊皮纸)on which was written the secret of the “Touchstone”! The touchstone was a small pebble(卵石)that could t gold. The writing e

any common metal into pure

that it was lying among thousands of other pebbles that looked , while ordinary

exactly like it. But the secret was that the real stone would feel w pebbles were cold.

So the man camped on the seashore and began testing pebbles. He knew that if he picked up ordinary pebbles and threw them down again b hundreds of t they were cold, he might pick up the same pebble

. So, when he felt one that was cold, he threw it into the sea. He spent a whole he went on and on this way.

ay doing this but none of them was the touchstone. Y

One day, however, about mid-afternoon, he picked up a pebble and it was warm. He threw it into the sea b he realized what he had done. He had formed such a strong habit of throwing each

pebble into the sea that when the one he wanted came along, he still threw it away. So it is with opportunity(机会). U opportunity when it is in hand. we are careful, it’s easy to fail to recognize an

June 5 is World Environment Day. This makes us pay more a the need to protect it. When Wang Boxuan, a Beijing high schoolboy, uses up(用尽)his exercise books, he does not throw them away. Each one is stored at his school with hundreds of exercise books given by other students. Then they are sold to a Beijing paper making factory. The paper is recycled and u again by students and teachers in the school. At the s trees and to our environment and

Time, the money made from the sales goes towards schools in Inter Mongolia for p grass. This place is one of the sources(源头)of the sandstorms that often attack Beijing d Springtime.

Wang’s school is one of the schools in the capital that take part in the “green promise” environmental protection activity. So far, nearly 210,000 students have t more than 87 tons of waste paper. With the coming of China’s 60th birthday, students are eager(渴望)to help make the capital a more pleasant place. “There are some environment p “We should do our duty and encourage o Our Vice – Premier(副总理)has w in the city, s to do so as well.” a letter to the teachers and students to encourage as sandstorms.” said Wang. part in the activity, collecting

them to go on supporting(支持)environmental protection. 12、根据短文大意和所给首字母补全单词。 Children’s schooling is changing very fast today. In the past, teachers k quietly for hours. They made them remember d children sitting

kinds of things. In other words, the c

had to go on repeating(重复)things until they knew them “by heart”. Today, many teachers want to know if it is possible to m children learn at all. They say you can o .

help them learn. They say you must let children learn and find out things for t

but for these children, school is a kind of prison(监狱). They are there only because their p make them go. They get out of the classroom as soon as the teacher lets them l . Many of

them want to find jobs, but the law(法律)will not let them work until they reach a certain(一定)a And so, they have to stay in school. Often they do not learn a moment.


at all and do not like every

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