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少儿版④ Lesson 7 第三课时

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Lesson 7 Could I have some oranges?


一、教学内容:(Teaching contents)

Read for fun. Pronunciation.

二、教学用具:(Teaching aids)



三、教学步骤(Teaching steps)

1. Warmer:

2. Revision:


T: Hello, my kids. Nice to see you again. First, let’s have a revision about the words we learnt before.

Ss: Yes.

T: Look at these words, read them and give me the Chinese meaning. When you see the Chinese please put them into English and write them on your exercises books.

(2)复习Let’s talk中的对话(3-5组学生)

Next, review the talk we learnt last class. I will give you one minute to make a new dialogue with your partner. Who wants to show your dialogue?

3. Presentation & Drill:

⑴ Read for fun


T: Now, look! What can you see in the picture?

Ss: I can see four people and the cinema.

T: Yes, you are right. Today I will tell you a story. Next, look at me carefully, I will show you this story. Then please answer my question: What are they talking about? (老师一个人扮演两个角色,将整个故事英汉结合讲解一遍。) ②逐图操练:

A:Now, listen to me carefully, I’ll act this story.

B:Then, read after me one sentence by one sentence.

C: Let’s look at this picture and speak the sentence together. (Teacher in high

voice, Ss in low voice.)

D: I’ll give you a word and you give me a sentence.

E: Let’s read together.(Teacher in low voice and Ss in high voice.)


④学习完三幅和四幅图片之后,总结三、四然后总结前四幅图片。 ⑤让学生进行表演。

4. Summary

① words

② Read for fun

5. Homework


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