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( ) 1. A. sunny B. cloudy C. windy

( ) 2. A. mine B. his C. he

( ) 3. A. big B. bigger C. biggest

( ) 4. A. go B. goes C. went

( ) 5. A. Friday B. Tuesday C. Wednesday

( ) 6. A. bread B. juice C. tomato

( ) 7. A. thirty B. thirteen C. three

( ) 8. A. Chinese B. English C. Maths

( ) 9. A. on B. under C. in

( )10. A. glass B. class C. pass


( ) 1. A. Yes, I do B. No, I didn’t C. To the office

( ) 2. A. Yes, there is B. No, there are C. No, there aren’t

( ) 3. A. I watched TV B. He went swimming C. Yes, I did

( ) 4. A. It’s that B. It’s mine C. It’s the short one

( ) 5. A. Sausages and burgers B. Yes, I did C. I didn’t like it




( ) 1. Can I come and see you this afternoon ?

A. Excuse me, please. B. Don’t walk there. C. Yes, I’m at home.

( ) 2. Do you like my new bike ?

A. Yes, it’s beautiful. B. Yes, I like. C. Yes, I am.

( ) 3. Is this book yours ? 这个句子的同义句是

A. Whose book is it ? B. Is this your book ? C. Who has a book ?


1. Tom has a car. (用we 代替Tom)

2. Is there any food in the fridge ?(作否定回答)

3. 用 tall, taller 写两个句子。

4. I’m ten .(对划线部分提问)

5. I do homework erery day. (用yesterday 代替 every day)



Jim and Jack are twin(双胞胎)brothers. They are in No.14 Middle School. They are new in Mr.Hu’s class. They are English. They are 14.

This is their room. It’s a nice room. The two beds look the same. A desk and two chairs are in the room. Their coats are on their beds. We can’t see their shoes. Thry’re under their beds.

The twins have two schoolbags. They are behind the chairs. What’re in the schoolbags ? We can’t see. I think they are books and pencil-boxes.

( ) 1. What kind of room is it ? It’s .

A. a classroom B. a bedroom

C. a big room D. a dining-room(餐厅)

( )2. Which one(哪一个)is not right(对的) ?

A. Jack’s coat is on the bed B. Jim’s shoes are under the bed

C. They are students. D. You can see a pen in the room.

( ) 3. Where do they come from(来自哪儿)?

A. England B. the USA. C. France D. China

( ) 4. Where’s Jack’s pencil-box?

A. It’s on the desk. B. I think it’s on the bed.

C. It’s on the chair. D. I think it’s in the schoolbag.

( ) 5. What class are they in ?

A. Class5,Grade1. B. Class1,Grade5.

C. Class5,Grade5 D. We don’t know.


Look! I have a picture. In the picture, you can see a hill, trees and a school. You can see boys and girls. They are at school. Their school is No.4 Middle School. Joan and Jane are good friends. Joan is twelve . Jane is twelve, too. They are in the same school. They are American(美国人). Miss Gao is their teacher . She is a good teacher. She likes her students, her students like her too.

( ) 6. I have a .

A. picture B. hill C. tree D. TV

( ) 7. What’s in the picture?

A. Two hills, a tree and a school. B. A hill, many trees and a school.

C. A hill, a tree and a school. D. Some hills, trees and a school.

( ) 8. is Joan and Jane’ teacher.

A. Miss Liu B. Mr Ding C. Miss Gao D. Mr Hu

( ) 9. How old is Joan ?

A. Eleven B. Twelve C. Thirteen. D. Sorry, I don’t know

( ) 10. Joan and Jane are in Middle School.

A. No.1 B. No.2 C. No.4 D. No.8


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