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[i:]字母组合 ee ea e ie --three tree green sheep meet beef see seek eat tea meat leave lead teacher team mean speak clean piece

[?]发音字母 a--bag hand and ant happy hat map mad bad black back glad flag shall

[e]字母组合 ea e a--head bread pleasure elephant electric remember sell shell lesson better bed desk hotel yes many any []字母组合ir ur ear er or--girl shirt skirt thirty thirteen third bird turn burn murder nurse turtle Thursday burger learn earn earth heard

[ε]字母组合 er or ou ar o a e u--teacher remember playerr farmer actor r tractor collar dollar tomorrow today lesson control around ago elephant banana Canada

[a:] 字母组合 ar a--car farm card arm garden fast class last glass plant aunt calm []发音字母 u o ou oo--up supper lunch fun gun hunt cup bus come mother dose brother love above trouble rough flourish blood flood []字母组合 al or au our ar--small wall talk tall hall ball call walk short more lord horse for forty sport door floor store author caught autumn four mourn court bought warm quarrel quarter []发音字母 o a--hot lost lot fox box mop hop loss collar not want wash watch

[u:]字母组合 oo o u--food moon room gloom broom doom goose tooth shoe do two true truth blue full prude

[u]字母组合 oo ou u o--look good foot book wood should could put full bull pull push woman wolf

[ei]发音字母 a ay ea ai ey--name cake late gate plane April play say may way great break rain they grey

[ai]发音字母 i y--bike fine find die nine light night high my try fly eye

[au]字母组合 ou ow--house out count sound loud around r down now cow how town []发音字母 o ow oa--home cold go no phone host ghost know low below grow blow

show flow boat coat goal

[i]字母组合 eer ear--beer deer ear near here fierce idea []字母组合ear air ere--pear bear chair air fair there where care [u]字母组合our ower--hour tour flower shower[t] tree two ten ton town twenty city [d] door dull desk dose do dog dictionary [k] king kite key look cook book kitchen [g] girl goal goat grade long language [m] man make moon morning move come comb

[n] pen ten nine fine night noon moon clean


] uncle bank English think thank

junk sing king morning

[l] long land lend lord fly flag black world cold could goal soul

[r] read red right run room write

[f] five fly fine flag frog fog roof knife life wife cough laugh rough

[v] very evening even every voice vest of [s] six sit student same seat kiss miss case scarf

[z] zoo zebra zero zap close nose hose suppose pause those [] that this those these though

[∫] sheep shoulder ship shoe she brush wash nation attention

[h] hot hop home house horse how who [w] when what where window wind wood [j] yes year yell you your yolk yellow [] child chicken china chair lunch ouch catch teach


] age language cabbage vegetable

stage bridge joy enjoy join July June junk [tr] tree country try treat track trunk [dr] dry dream drop drive drink [ts] students boots boats goats nuts [dz] goods woods moods hoods

By Jade

前元音:[i:] [i]

[e] [


爆破音:[t] [d] [k]

[g] [p] [b]

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