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最新小升初英语试卷Microsoft Word 文档

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( )1Athank B those C these Dtheir

( ( ( 直击重点中学 ( ( 二、按要求写词。

1. photo(复数)_________ 2. they(宾格)________ 3. twenty(序数词)_______

4. twelfth(基数词)______ 5. no(同音词)_______ 6. thin(反义词)_______

7.Cc(同音单词)______8 no(同音词)______9。watch(单三形式)________

10。run(现在分词)____11 you (宾格)____12 they(名词性物主代词)______


______ ________ ________ ____________ ________


( ) 1.—— May I drink ____ water ?

—— Sorry, I don’t have ___.

A some ,any B any ,some C some , some D any,any

( ) 2 Every day Amy eats two ___ and four ____.

A cherrys , tomatos B cherries , tomatos

C cherries, tomatoes D cherrys, tomatoes

( ) 3. Nancy ________ TV beside the desk now.

A. watches B. watch C. is watching D. are watching

( ) 4. Su Hai and Su Yang like ________ very much.

A. read B. reading C. read books D. to read

( ) 5. ----When?s your father?s birthday?

---- It?s on the ________ of February.

A. thirtyth B. thirdth C. threeth D. thirteenth

( ) 6. Let ____see. Oh, the dog?s over there, under the desk!

A. me B. I C. we D. they

( ) 7. The pair of glasses _____on the bed.

A. are B. is C. will D. were

( ) 8.

A. / B. away C. from D. up

( ) 9. The running race is very ____. All the students are very ___.


A. exciting, excited B. exciting, exciting

C. excited, excited D. excited, exciting

( ) 10. There ___a pair of earphones and some books on the sofa yesterday afternoon.

A. is B. are C. was D. were

( ) 11. – What are you doing?

– I am ____my earphones.

A. looking B. find C. looking for D. finding

( ) 12. Tom usually _______ his mother _______ his school.

A. tells, about B. says, with C. talks, to D. talks, with

( ) 13. My diary is _______ yours.

A. in the front of B. next to C. next

( ) 14. Can you teach ________ English?

A. I B. me C. my D. mine

( ) 15. She is_________ a _______ race in the playground.

A. watching, run B. looking, running C. watching, running D. watching, runs

( )16. Shall we meet at the school gate ___ 8:45 _____ Sunday morning?

A at ,in B in of C at on D in on


1. —Can you ______(make) a birthday card for me ?

—Yes, I _____ (make) a model plane now. 3. I’d like to come to ______ (you) birthday party.

4.All the students _______ (be) not here now, but they _______ (be) here a moment ago.

5. Su Hai wants _______ (take) some photos.

6.Do you want ________ noodles (eat) ? Yesterday ou mother ______ (buy) some for____ (we) 7.It’s a _____ (rain) day today ! Please take ______ (you) umbrella.

8. They ____ (go) to the zoo and ____ (feed) some tigers last weekend.

9. The woman is fifty but she___( look) young.

六、句型转换 1. They often go to school late. (改成一般疑问句)

_______ _______ often _______ to school late?

2. Jim likes playing football . (改为否定句) Jim _______ ________ _______ football .


____ ____ their teachers _______ under the tree ?


___ _____ these toys _______?


____ the woman ?

6.Hong plants some flowers near her house. ( 改为否定句)

Hong ____ _______ ______ flowers near her house

7.These are our parrots.(同义句) —— —— —— ———。


B 组句子 1。go , usually ,school, we ,foot .on ,to ________________________

2.birthday ,in ,August, her ,is.(?)___________________________________

3.You ,did , what ,yesterday,do,in the park(?)_______________________________

4.eating they fish like very much._______________________

5. does have supper what Mr. White for (?)_____________________


My name is Jack. I am an boy. I am years old. There six people in my . My father is a driver. He a bus every day. My mother is a She works in a . I’m a high school student. My little sister, Mary is three years old. My grandparents don’t to work. They her at home. 八、 阅读理解 A

Mrs.White doesn’t like fish at all, but Mr. White likes fish very much. He buys some fish and takes it home. Mrs. White sees the fish and she thinks, “Good! I’ll ask my friends to have lunch and we can have the fish. They like fish very much.”

Mr. White comes home in the evening. He can’t find his fish. Mrs. White says, “Oh, your cat eats it.”And she gives Mr. White some bread for supper. Mr. White is not happy at all. He takes the cat and Mrs. White goes to a shop. He says to her, “Now you see, my cat is

②one kilo and the fish is one kilo, too. The cat is here. But where is my fish?”


①Mrs. 夫人

( ) 1. What does Mr. White like very much?

A. Bread. B. Chicken. C. Fish. D. His cat.

( ) 2. Does Mrs. White like fish very much?

A. Yes, she does. B. No, she doesn’t.

C. Yes, she likes. D. No, she not likes.

( ) 3. Who does Mrs. White ask to have the fish?

A. Mr. White. B. The cat. C. Her friends. D. Her mother.

( ) 4. Does the cat eat the fish?

A. Yes, it does. B. Yes, he does.

C. No, the cat doesn’t. D. No, it doesn’t.

( ) 5. What does Mr. White have for supper?

A. Some bread. B. Some fish. C. Some jiaozi. D. Some eggs.


My good friend, Bruce, comes from England. He is twelve years old. His father is a teacher, he is in China now. His mother is a teacher, too. His mother and his sister don’t come to China. His sister is ten years old. She is a student, too.

He has some friends here. They often help him with his Chinese. He can speak a little Chinese now.


( ) 1. Bruce is an English boy.

( ) 2. There are four people in his family.


( ) 3. His mother is in China now.

( ) 4. His sister is twelve years old.

( ) 5. He has no friends here.


Mike and Dick work in the same office. They don’t like the cold weather. There were no ’t want to go on driving. Mike found a river was about half a kilometer away from them.

Soon they got to the river. Before they jumped into the water, Dick saw a boy playing under a big tree. He asked,“Are there any sharks(鲨) in the river, boy?”“No, there aren’t,”answered the boy. So they began to swim in the river.

After a while (过了一会),Dick felt something hit(撞击) against his leg. He told Mike about it. They were afraid and stopped swimming. Dick asked loudly,“Is it true that there aren’t any sharks in the river?”“Yes, sir,”said the boy,“there’re a lot of crocodiles(鳄鱼) in the water. All the sharks swam away!”


1 .When did they arrive in Sydney?


2.What was the weather like the next day?


3.What did they do in the river?


4.A shark hit Dick’s leg, didn’t it?


5.Why weren’t there any sharks in the river?




姓名:Billy 年龄:12岁 国籍:美国 父亲:医生

母亲:教师 爱好:养宠物狗 最喜欢的食物:汉堡包



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