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问候 (10句)

Good morning. 早上好!

Good afternoon. 下午好!

Good morning, class. 同学们早上好!

Hello, everyone! 大家好!

Nice to meet(see) you! 很高兴见到你!

Glad to meet you! 很高兴见到你!

How are you today? 你好吗?

I’m OK! 我很好!/ Fine, Thank you. And you? 很好,谢谢,你呢? Are you happy today?你今天高兴吗?

Yes,I’m happy.是的,我很高兴。

课程开始及休息 (19句)

It's time for class.上课的时间到了。

Let's begin our class.开始上课。

Let's start.开始。

Shall we begin? Yes, let's begin.我们开始吧?好,我们开始。 Please look at me.请看我。

Let's have a break.我们休息一下。

Let's have a rest.我们休息一下。

Break time.休息时间。

Time is up.时间到。

What’s wrong with you? You don’t look well. 你怎么了?你看起来


Please go to the bathroom, one by one. 排好队去洗手间。 Be careful! The floor is wet. 小心,地面是湿的。

Please wash your hands. 请洗手。

Soap your hands down. 在手上摸肥皂。

Take down the towel and wipe your hands. 摘下毛巾擦擦手。 Put up your towel. 把你的毛巾挂好。

Save water,please. 请节约用水。

Please take your cup and get some water. 请拿杯子接水。 Let’s drink some water/milk. 我们喝点水/牛奶吧。

结束课程 (23句)

That's all for today!今天就到这儿。

We stop here.我们到此结束。

Let's call it a day.今天就到这儿。

Class is over.下课。

Goodbye everyone!大家再见。

See you next time.下次见。

See you later.回头见

Goodbye. / Bye-bye.再见。

Give me a hug.拥抱一下。

Let's sing the "goodbye" song together.我们一起来唱“再见歌”。 Please bring…tomorrow morning. 请记得明天把……带来。 Take your schoolbag with you. 带上你的书包。

Say “Good-bye”to me/your classmates. 跟我/你的同学说再见。

Is everyone here? 每个人都在吗?

When teacher calls your name, please stand up and say “Here.” 老师叫到你的名字,请站起来说“到”。

Do you remember your name?还记得你们的名字吗? Is ______ here?______在吗?


Who is not here?谁没有到呢?

______ is not here._______没到。

Why do you late? 为什么迟到?

What's the matter?发生了什么事情?

Come in, please.请进。


Let's play a game.我们玩游戏吧。

Let's begin./start.我们开始。

Are you ready?准备好了吗?

One, two, three, go!一、二、三,开始!

Who is the first one?谁是第一名?

I'm the first one.我是第一 名。

Who is winner?谁赢了。

We are the winners!我们赢了。

Who wants to try?谁愿意来试一试?

It's your turn.轮到你了。

Please follow me.请跟我学。

Watch me!看我!

I will divide you into two teams.我要把你们分成两组。 You are the APPLE team.你们是“苹果”组。

Really? 真的吗?

Are you sure?肯定吗?

Teacher, me!(学生语)老师,叫我!

When I say your name, please stand up.当我说到你的名字,请站起来。

Let's count. “one, two, three~~”我们一起数:一、二、三 Louder, please.请大声点。

Let's form a line.我们排成一排。

Let's make a circle.我们围个圈。

Try again!再试一次!


Better luck next time.下次好运。

Don't feel bad. You will win next time.别难过,你下次会赢的。 Quickly!快!

Hurry up!赶快!

Take it easy!慢慢来!

Be careful!小心!

Come on!加油!

Let's jump.我们一起跳。

That's it! Keep going!就是这样!继续!

Let's run.我们一起跑。

Let's hop.我们一起单腿跳。

Let's walk.我们一起走。

Let's hold hands.我们一起手拉手。

Let's stop.我们停。

Clap your hands.拍手。

Stamp your feet.跺脚。

Raise your hands.举手。

Wave your arms.摆臂。

Turn left/ right./round. 向左/右转。转身。

Arms out. Arms in. 两臂外伸。两臂放下。

Let’s play on the seesaw/swing/slide/junglegym. 我们一起玩翘翘板/秋千/滑梯/攀登架。

Are you tired? We are all tired. 你们累了吗?我们都累了。 Show me your left hand.让我看看你的左手。


Stretch your legs.伸伸腿。

Stretch your arms.伸伸胳膊。

Nod your head.点点头。

Shake your head.摇摇头。

Hands down.手放下去。

Put up your hand.举起手。

Put down your hand.放下手。

Pick up the cards.拿起卡片。

Point to the cards.指着卡片。

Who can tell me?谁能告诉我?

Who can answer my question?谁能回答我的问题? What else?还有呢?

Let's watch TV.我们看电视。

Do you understand?明白了吗?

Anything else? 还有什么吗? I agree with you. 我同意你的想法 Please say in English.请用英语说。

Line up.排好队。

Please say it one by one.请一个一个地说。

Paper, scissors, rock.石头、剪刀、布!(猜拳游戏)


Please stop talking.请不要讲话。

Listen carefully.注意听。

Please be quiet.请安静。

Think it over and try again. 想一想,再试一次。 Try your best. /Do your best. 请尽力。

Don’ be afraid./ shy. 不要害怕/害羞。

Be quiet, please. 请安静。

Help each other, please. 请互相帮助。

Please open your books. 请打开书。

Please close your books. 请合上书。

Please turn to page X . 请翻到第X页。

Repeat, please./ Repeat after me. 跟我重复。

Once more, please./ One more time, please. 请再来一遍。

Stop now, please./ Stop here, please. 请停下。

Let’s listen to a song, please clap your hands. 让我们来听一首歌,请拍手。

Please go back to your seat. 请回到你的座位上去。

Don’t worry about it. 别着急。

No problem. 没问题

Guess, what’s inside? 猜一猜,里面有什么?

Pass it, one by one.一个一个往下传。

Act with the music. 随着音乐做动作

X and X , please exchange your seats. 请X和X交换一下座位。 Let’s clap hands for X . 让我们为X鼓掌。



Pretty good!非常好!

Very good!非常好!

Good job!干的不错!

Good boy/girl!好孩子!

Good idea.好主意。




You are amazing!你真是太神奇了!

Well done!干的好!

Very nice!非常好!

Nice try!不错的尝试!

Nice job!干的好!


Wonderful job!干得真棒!

You are wonderful!你太棒了!





You look so lovely/pretty/nice today.你今天看起来真可爱/漂亮/棒! Not bad!不错!

You can do it.你能行!


Brilliant job!干的太精彩了!

Brilliant idea!精彩的点子!

You are smart!你真聪明!


You are great!你太棒了!

It looks great!看起来太棒了!


You are so cool.!你真酷!

I agree.我同意。

I agree with you.我同意你说的话。

Really? Wow!真的!太棒了。



What’s your name?你叫什么名字?

My name is….我叫……

How old are you?你几岁了?I’m…..我…岁了。

Where are you from?你来自哪里?

I’m from Changsha.我来自长沙。

What’s the weather like today?今天天气怎样?

It’s sunny/rainy/cloudy/windy .晴天/雨天/阴天/有风的天。

Welcome to Nobel Cradle kindergarten ! 欢迎来到诺贝尔摇篮幼稚园。

This way, please! 请往这边走。

I like singing .我喜欢唱歌。

I am Chinese .我是中国人。

It's time for lunch.午饭的时间到了。

Good night!晚安!

Put on your clothes!穿上衣服。

Don't grab my hair!别抓我的头发!

Get your things done up. 把你的东西收拾好。

Get your clothes neat. 把衣服整理好。

Please tuck your shirt into your trousers. 请把衬衣塞到裤子里。 Put away your toys!把玩具放好!

Don't play with scissors, please.不要玩剪刀!

Oh, dear!噢,天那!

Don't litter!不要乱扔垃圾!

What a mess!真是乱啊!

Clean it up!打扫干净!

Where are you?你在哪儿!

There you are.你在这儿。

Your sleeves are wet.你的袖子湿了!


Who started this?谁先起头的?

I want to know everything.我想知道所有的情况!

I saw you hit him. Say"Sorry!"我看到你先打的他,说“对不起”! Stop fighting.别打了!

Take turns.轮流来!

Play nicely together, OK?好好一起玩,好吗?

Share your toys, OK? 跟大家分享你的玩具,好吗? Are you OK?你还好吗?

Don't cry!别哭!

Look out!注意了!

Let’s play with the ball. 我们一起玩球吧。

Good catch!(球)接得好!

Let's go outside!我们到外面去!

Peek! Peek! Peekaboo!藏!藏!藏猫猫!

Peek! Peek! I see you!藏!藏!我看到你了!

Let's play hide-and-seek!我们玩捉迷藏吧!

Found you!抓到你了!


Are you hungry?饿了吧?

It’s time for breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack. 该吃早饭/午饭/晚饭/点心了。

Let’s see what is for breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack.让我们看看早饭/午饭/晚饭/点心吃什么。

We will have…我们吃……

Give out the bowls/chopsticks/plates/spoons, please. 请发碗/筷子/碟子/勺子。

Clean the table, please.请擦桌子。

Hold your bowl. 扶好碗。

Be careful! The soup is hot. Blow and then have it. 小心,这汤很烫。吹吹再喝。

Please keep the table clean. 请保持桌面干净。

Try to finish everything. 努力把所有的东西都吃干净。

Please clean up your spills.请大家把掉在桌上的东西收拾干净。 Please put the bones on the plate.请把骨头/鱼刺放到盘子里。 It’s yummy/nice/delicious! 真好吃

It’s good for your growth. 这很营养,能帮助你长高。

Who wants more rice/soup/dish? 谁还要米饭/汤/菜。

What about you? And you? 你呢?

Have you finished? 吃完了吗?

Please hand you bowl here. 请把你的碗送过来。

Clean your mouth, please. 请擦嘴。


It’s time to take a nap. 睡午觉的时间到了。

Take off your shoes. 脱鞋。

Take off your clothes. 脱衣服。

Fold your clothes/quilt up. 把衣服/被子叠好。

Put your shoes in order. 把鞋子放好。

Cover yourself with the quilt. 被子盖好。

No biting the quilt. 别咬被子。

Close your eyes, and have a good dream. 闭上眼睛,做个好梦。Wake up, please. 请醒醒。

Get up, please. 起床

Dress yourself, please. 请自己穿好衣服。

Put on your shoes. 穿上鞋。

Put on your clothes. 穿上衣服。

Tie your shoes. 系好鞋带。

Can I help you? 需要帮助吗?

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