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Unit 3 What are you going to do ?
Part A Let’s read

1.Warm up Let’s chant
? I am going to going to buy a book . ? I am going to take a look . I am going to bake a cake . ? I am going to walk near a lake . ? We are going to take a trip . We are going to take a sip . ? I am going outside to play . ? I am going to have a good day .

2.Free talk ? What are you going to do this Saturday /Sunday/weekend ? Are you going to have a busy weekend ? Are you going to be happy ?

3. Presentation Let’s read

Liu Yun is going to be busy this weekend . Let’s listen to the tape for twice,then judge the questions : 1.Liu Yun is talking on the phone . 2.Liu Yun is going to buy some picture books . 3.Liu Yun is going to have a good time.

Open the book to read the text , then answer the

questions :
a. Where is Liu Yun going on Saturday ? She is going to the bookstore . b. What is Liu Yun going to do on Sunday afternoon ? She is going to the supermarket c.What is she going to buy in the bookstore ? . She is going to buy a new CD and some story- books d.Is she going to be happy this weekend ? Yes, she is .

Read and finish the blanks :
is have 1. Liu Yun ____ going to _____ a busy weekend . On Saturday , she’s going to the bookstore to _____ ____ buy a new CD and some Story-books . On _______ Sunday ,she is going to the supermarket with ____ her mom . On Sunday evening , she is going to ______ visit _____ her aunt.They are going to watch TV ___ fun together .That will be ________ .

2.Finish Liu Yun’s weekend plan.( page 30)

Let’s write
每人都有自己的周末,请你填写下列表格,写写自己的 周末计划:My weekend plan

Saturday morning


Saturday afternoon Saturday evening Sunday morning go back to school

Sunday afternoon

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