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I have seen amazing things

My first visit was to a space station considered the most modern in space. Described as an enormous round plate, it spins slowly in space to imitate the pull of the earth's gravity. Inside was an exhibition of the most up-to-date inventions of the 31st century. A guide showed us around along a moveable path.

? consider:考虑+n / doing / wh-clause

We must consider giving it a try.(我们应当考虑试一试。)

We must consider what

to do next.(我们应当考



that从句 / 复合宾语

I consider him as a



I consider it a great honor to be invited to dinner.

All things considered:就各方面而言,从各方面考虑来看

All things considered,we're doing quite well.

? enormous:巨大的、庞大的

The problems facing the president are enormous. ? imitate: v,模仿、仿效、伪造

Many writters imitate the language of shakespeare.(很多人模仿莎士比亚的语言。)

? up-to-date:现代的、最新的

The car is a beauty and quite up-to-date.(这辆车子很漂亮,是最新款。)

I bought an up-to-date



? movable:adj, 可移动

的、活动的 n,动产、可


The doll has movable


arms and legs.洋娃娃的胳膊和腿都是可以活动的。

G:Good morning to all our visitors from 2008. First, we're going to examine one of the lastest forms of communication among our space citizens. No more typists working on a typewritter or computer ! No more postage or postcodes! Messages can now be sent using a "thoughtpad". You place the metal band over your head,clear your mind, press the sending button, think your message and the next instant it's sent. It's stored on the "thoughtpad" of the





friendly. The only

limitatiom is if

3 It's ,efficient

the user does not think his or her message clearly , an unclear message may be sent. But we cannot blame the tools for the faults of the user, can we?

? examine: v,检查、观察、考试

The teacher will examine the students in English.老师将检测学生们的英语知识。

The doctor examined the patient carefully.医生仔细对病人做了检查。

Examination: n, 考试

Take an examination 参加考试

Pass the examination 及格、通过考试

Final examination 期末考试



? citizen:n, 公民、居

民 老百姓

She is a Chinese citizen

but lives in America.她


4 examination


? instant: n.瞬间、片刻 adj.立即的、立刻的

I'll be back in an instant. 我马上就回来。

Instant coffee 速溶咖啡

? efficient :adj. 有能力的、效率高的

He is efficient at his job.他能胜任他的工作。

It is not efficient to hire poorly trained workers.雇佣未经严格训练的人会妨碍工作效率。

? limitation: n. 限制、局限、极限

I am willing to accept certain limitation on my freedom. 我乐意接受对我自由的某些限制。

Beyond your limitation 超越极限


explanation the I

looked at the pair

of small objects


"thoughtpads" on a

table. They just


looked like metal ribbons. So ordinary but so powerful! While I was observing them, the path moved us on.

G: And now ladies and gentlemen, we're in the "environment area ". People used to collect waste in dustbins. Then the

rubbish was sent to be buried or burned, am I right?(We nodded.) Well, now there's a system where the waste is disposed of using the principles of ecology. A giant machine, always greedy for more, swallows all the waste available. The rubbish is turned into several

grades of useful

material, such as

"fertilizer" for

the fields and

"soil" for deserts.

Nothing is wasted,


and everything, even plastic bags, is recycled. A great idea, isn't it?

I stared at the moving model of the waste machine, absorbed by its efficiency. But again we moved on.

? powerful nation :强国

? move on:继续前进、出发

Never give up and keep moving on.不要放弃,坚持下去。

? dispose: v.布置、安排、处理

Please dispose your books on the desk.请整理好你桌上的书。

Dispose of :处理、


He disposed of all his



? greedy: 贪婪的

The greedy little girl ate


all my chocolate.这个贪吃的小女孩吃光了我所有的巧克力。

Be greedy for :贪婪的、渴望的

He is greedy for power. 他很贪权。

? swallow: vt. 吞下、咽下 n. 燕子

She swallowed her anger and carried on.她忍气吞声地继续进行下去。

There're many swallows flying in the sky.天空中好多燕子在飞翔。

? stare at:注视、凝视

It's a bad manner to stare at people. 瞪着眼睛看人是不礼貌的行为。

G: Our third stop shows the changes that have happened to

work practices.

Manufacturing no

longer takes place

on the earth but on

space stations like

this one. A group of


engineers programme robots to perform tasks in space. The robots produce goods such as


carriages,etc. There is no waste , no pollution and no environmental damage! However, the companies have to train

their representatives to live and work in space settlement. They have to monitor the robots and the production. When the goods are ready they're transported by industrial spaceship back to earth.

? stop:n.车站、句号

? monitor:n. 班长;v.


The nurse monitored

the patient's condition




My mind began to wander. What job would I do? My motivation increased as I thought of the wonderful world of the future. 10

? wander: 漫步、徘徊、闲逛

The boy was wandering around.男孩在周围徘徊。 Please don't wander off the point.请不要跑题。


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