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1.—Do you often clean your classroom?

—Yes. Our classroom ___________ every day. (clean)

2.A talk on developments in science and technology_________ in the school hall next week. (give)

3.His new book_________ next month. (publish)

( )4.—Did you go to Jack’s birthday party?

—No, I____.

A. am not invited B. wasn’t invited

C. haven’t invited D. didn’t invite

( )5.—Mum, can I go to the zoo with Jack?

—When your homework ___,you can.

A. is done B. was done C. does D. did

( )6.Twenty—year—olds will not ____to drive in China.

A. allow B. be allow C. be allowed D. allowed.

7.The book “Business and the Speed of Thought” _________in 1999.(write)

( )8.Trees and flowers__ every year to make our country more beautiful.

A. is planted B. was planted C. are planted D. were planted.

9._____a new library ________in your school

last year? (build)

( )10.An accident ___on this road last week.

A. has been happened B. was happened

C. is happened D. happened.

( )11.Cotton ____in the southeast of China.

A. is grown B. are grown C. grows D. grow.

12.So far, the moon ________. (visit)

( )13.Neither of them ___ in China

A. is made B. are made C. were made

D. made.

14.Look! A nice picture ___ for our teacher. (draw)

( )15.The doctor ___ for yet.

A. isn’t sent B. hasn’t been sent

C. won’t be sent D. wasn’t sent.

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