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Social Problems

The main social problems in the world
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A widening gap between rich and poor Population expansion Environmental damage High unemployment

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Where there is wealth there is poverty
20 % of the world's people holds the world 80% of wealth.So there is no equal right. .

The gap between rich and poor is more visible in developed cities!

The differences between the developed countries and poor countries.

Problem of the world’s population: (1)The explosive growth of the population; (2) The aging of the population; (3) Refugee problem ; (4) Food crisis.

Population explosion :
The United Nations in a report predicted that the total population in the world this year will be 70 billion on October 31.
It also predicted that global population by 2050 will be 93.1 billion.

As we know, China has the largest population in the world, the second is India. The large population has limited the development of these countries and also lead a lot of social problem such as high unemployment, education backward ,food crisis, high crime .

Refugee problem
There are many reasons to cause the refugee problem: war ,tsunami, Earthquake.

In Africa and many developing countries, food crisis highlights its problems. Because the unlimited population growth ,each year thousands of people are starving to death .

Environmental damage

June 5th is the World Environment Day. It aims at reminding People to protect our nature and our living environment.

Water pollution is very serious!

It is quite common that we can see it anywhere The lake near the Water Canteen in our school also a typical example.

Forest resources

In order to make lots of profits many countries sacrifice the environment without any hesitation. Like Brazil.

Many years later, maybe their home will never exist.

Killing animals
A letter from Seals to human

You want to call this sport ?

Is he a sportsman???

The 2009 world financial crisis has intensified the unemployment rate increase. Unemployment has become one of the hot issues of social.

Financial crisis sweeping the world .

The unemployment rate has risen sharply especially in western countries.

Job seekers are waiting outside of an employment agency.

An American unemployed youth is selling apples in front of the New York stock exchange in order to make a living.

Afraid of the financial crisis, hundreds of thousands workers in France are joining the street demonstrations to ask the president to take measures.

Thank you!

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