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Anger is a kind of feeling. Many things can make y ou angry. When your teacher gives you too much homework, when your team loses an important ga me, when your friend b orrows ___ your favourite thing and then breaks it, you may get really angry.

? Usually, your body will tell you when you are a aster ngry. For example, you breathe much f____, your face turns red and you may want to brea k something or hit someone, but sometimes, y ou hide your anger. For example, you may hid eart e it in your h____ . The problem is that if you do this, you may get a headache or your stom ach may hurt.

In fact, it's not good to hide your anger, and it' s normal for you to get angry sometimes. But anger must be let out in the right way, withou t hurting o______or yourself. Let me give you thers some advice.

When you get angry, you can talk about it with other people. It's helpful to talk about your anger with oth arents er people, such as p________ teachers, good friends etc. When you talk about ang er, those b____feelings can start to go away. On the ad other hand, when you start to feel angry, you can do some other things: count from 1 to 100; go for a bike ride; think about good things, etc.Don't let your ang er c ontrol ______ ? you. Remember that how you act when you are ange r can make everything better or worse.

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

86. borrows 87. faster 88. heart 89. others 90. parents 91. bad 92. control

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