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Unit 2 Happy birthday!

What’s the date today? It’s on Oct.13th.,2013.

January 1 May 5 September 9

February 2 June 6 October 10

March 3 July 7 November 11

April 4 August 8 December 12

基数词 序数词

序数词 缩写



序数词 缩写

two three



twelve twenty



second 2nd third 3rd

twentieth 20th







thirty-one thirty-first 31st

When is your birthday?

My birthday is…
It is …
January February March April May June July August September October November December

Today is my birthday!

? When is your birthday? ? It’s in May. (in+月 份;早上/下午/晚上)

? On which date? ? On May 7th. (on+具体 日期)

? A: Hello, Sarah. Tomorrow is my birthday. Would you like to come to my birthday party?

(Would you like : 你想 要…?(例如:Would you like a cup of tea?你想要一杯茶 吗?)
? B: That’s lovely. I’d love to come. Who will be there?

(I’d love to: 是I would love to 的缩写,意思是:我想 要…)
? A: Betty, David, Emma, Harry and Helen. ? B: That’s great. I’m sure we’ll have a good time.

(I’m sure :我确信…;sure: 当然; have a good time: 玩得开

A birthday party
? B: happy birthday to you! Here’s a little present (礼 物)for you! ? A: Thank you very much! Please come in. ? B: Let’s sing a happy birthday song. ? C: Yes. Let’s sing it. ? D: You can make a wish (许 愿)now. ? A: Yes. ? E: You can blow out (吹 灭)candles now. ? A: Let’s blow them out together. ? All: Year. Happy birthday!

My monthly plan
? January I want to go skating and make a snowman. ? February I want to fly a kite. ? March I want to have a picnic. ? April I want to ……
I want to do :我想要去做…….. 例如:I want to go to the park. I want to open the door. I want to drink water .

? Nick was five years old. He loved watching the dogs and cats playing in the pet shop window. He wished he had a pet. ? was:是 is 的过去式,are的 过去式是were; ? love doing /love to do :喜 欢做…;喜欢去做… ? wish:表示一种期望,愿望 1.How old was Nick? 2.What did he wish to have?

? “not yet, Nick!” Daddy always said.” You are too young to have a pet .”Then one day there were no dogs and cats in the pet shop, just a white baby rabbit with big sad eyes. ? too…to…:太…而不能;(例 如:He is too young to smoke.) ? then: 然后
3.Why couldn’t Nick have a pet? 4.What was the only animal in the pet shop?

? “Oh, Mummy,” said Nick.” He’s very sad. Can I have him? It’s my birthday tomorrow.” “We’ll ask your Daddy.” Mummy said. ? said: say(说)的过去式; ? sad:伤心的; ? we’ll:等于we will; will 表示将…(例如:I will go to the zoo.)
5.How does the baby rabbit look? 6.Who will they ask about the rabbit?

? Early in the morning, Nick was ver

y happy to see the baby rabbit in Daddy’s hands. ”Happy birthday, Nick! This is your birthday present!” Daddy said. ”Thank you , Daddy! I’ll always be good to it.” ? early: 早,提早; ? be good to:对…好;(例 如:He is good to his friends.)
7.Where was the baby rabbit? 8.What did Nick get on his birthday?

? 1. 抄写12个月份单词各五遍,并翻译一遍,请 家长听写并签字; ? 2. 将Part4的小短文翻译一遍,写在作业本上; 并将故事用英文口头复述出来; ? 3. 听磁带,读Part1,3,4每天20分钟,请家长 签字; ? 4. 听磁带,学唱Part8的歌曲.


January 1st

in January or February

May 1st

Mother’s day

the second Sunday in May

Children’s Day June 1st

Father’s Day

the third Sunday in June

Teachers’ Day

September 10th

National Day
October 1st

Christmas Day
December 25th

Ex. Match the festivals (节日) with the dates.
1. Teachers’ Day(教师节) 2.Women’s Day(妇女节 ) 3.Children’s Day(儿童节) 4.Labor Day(劳动节 ) 5.New Year’s Day(元旦) 6. Christmas Day(圣诞节) March 8th May 1st June 1st December 25th January 1st September 10th

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