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安全教育 英文版

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Safety Education



Network Safety





Network Safety Frequently Problems
One: Students addicted to online Two: Online sharper Three: Online Shopping Four: Internet chat Five: Online Banking

Protect your computer systems
? Selecting a stable operating system
? Turning off the system default shared

? Timely backup operating system Prevent virus invasion ? Preventing network attacks and intrusions

How to protect your account security
? Never tell anyone your user name and password ? Don’t randomly receive unidentified file in the chat ? cautious view web pages, often killing the computer virus ? Enter the password correctly ? Fill in the password protected information, ? Bound phone, secure mailbox

Car accident than a tiger!

人道 博爱 奉献 安全 自救 救生

Do You Know ?
?Since the 20 century, the number of traffic fatalities reached 22350000 , this figure is more than the number of deaths in the first World War. ?In 2005 ,the national primary and middle school students were killed 4205 , average day of death is 12, that is every three or four days, the country will have 1 class children disappeared!

人道 博爱 奉献 安全 自救 救生

人道 博爱 奉献 安全 自救 救生

How to prevent accidents
?Going to the streets sidewalks, crossing the crosswalk way; ?Bike or motorcycle, you must obey the traffic rules , follow the speed limit; ?Don’t drive a vehicle without a license; ? Don’t read a book ,walk or play in highways and railways.

人道 博爱 奉献 安全 自救 救生

Food Safety


Five issues of food safety
Use of toxic and harmful substances in processed food

Excessive use of food additives
Unqualified food hygiene Using Overdue food

? April ,2004 ? Fuyang, Anhui .Hundred children gradually suffering from a strange disease. Originally healthy child began to appear in short limbs, thin body, especially the brain of these babies seem too large, locally known these babies as "Big Head."

? November 12, 2006, from CCTV "Weekly Quality Weekly" . Beijing market and the distribution companies selling the "Red Duck," Because the people in Shijiazhuang, Hebei and other places feed the ducks with Feed containing Sudan ,and it can detect Sudan in these Duck's eggs.

Life Safety
“ Love Yourself”

Water feeding life! Also kills!
Treasure Life! Prevent drowning!

? Each year there are 16,000 schoolchildren unnatural deaths ? Daily average of about 40 more students died of drowning, traffic accidents or food poisoning ? Drowning and accidental death of the first two traffic ranking ? Chinese drowning mortality rate was 8.77%, where 0 to 14 years accounted for 56.58%, is the first cause of death in this age group.

I can now go to swim?
Students can not swim ,Do not try the water, the students will have to choose a good swimming time!

Where should I go for a swim? Why?





Prevent Fires

How to prevent fires in the students' dormitory
? Don't mess with the power source, the illegal use of electrical appliances. ? Do not throw cigarette butts. ? The no smoking in bed. ? No burning debris in the dormitory. ? And do not store inflammable and explosive materials. ? Do not use electric heating equipment. ? To walk off the lights. The smell of wire and rubber burnt smell, should be promptly reported.
? The lamp not near the pillow and bedding.

Threatened escape the basic principles
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Stay calm, avoid disadvantages; Learn to protect and help ourselves; Find ways to continue to help; Remember phone, ready to help: "119" ---- Fire "110" ---- Alarm "120" ---- Emergency "122" ---- accident alarm When you call you must say right place, the relevant circumstances, the important features.

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