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● Good morning, my dear judges. I am_______, from____________. I’m glad to interpret my teaching design here.

● The teaching content is Part , of Unit of PEP Primary English, Book

This unit is mainly about Now, I will explain the lesson from the following aspects.

1. 教学内容 (体现教材的整合)

Firstly, let’s focus on the analysis of teaching content.

The lesson is a new one of Unit .

It includes and . In section 1, it mainly deals with these key words,

2. 教学对象 (根据不同年级的学生,描述其特点)


Secondly, it is about the students.

Our students are in Grade

They are active and curious, interested in new things.

After learning English for years, they have some basic English

background knowledge, so the teacher should attach importance to the

communication with them, providing them the chances of using language.

They have learnt English for years, and have already known It is not difficult for them to understand and use the language

3. 教学目标 (根据具体内容定目标和要求)


So, I set the following aims.

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to read, recognize, and use

these words:

And, these sentences:

By the end of the lesson,

Ss can understand the and get useful information from the through

attentive listening / reading.

Ss are able to talk about

Ss can use to give suggestions on

Ss’ abilities of listening and speaking will be developed.


(Affect; Learning strategies; cultural awareness.)

In this lesson, the emotional aim is

to help students cultivate and foster their abilities of working in groups.

to foster Ss’ consciousness of good-cooperation and proper competition.

to help Ss cultivate their abilities to analyze and solve problems independently.

to foster Ss’ initiative and creativeness.

to help Ss to recognize and identify the differences between Chinese and English cultures on

to help Ss know some and comprehend the


to make sure that Ss can use Correctly


to develop Ss’ interest in English. and

The difficult point is:

The pronunciation of

4. 教法学法


Fourthly, it talks about teaching methods.

In this lesson, I will mainly use “Task-based teaching method”, “Communicative language teaching method” and “TPR teaching method”, and so on.

5. 教学过程


① 具体steps 根据具体内容定;

② 板书steps + purpose 说明;

③ 如有可能,同时完成layout设计;

Next, let’s focus on the teaching procedures.

I will finish the lesson in steps.

It will cost about mins.

After greeting with the Ss, I will begin the lesson by singing the song together with the Ss.


The purpose of this is to form a better English learning surrounding for

the Ss, and, at the same time, it provides situations to review the learnt


for the next step.


It will cost about mins.

With the help of the PPT, I set a situation of by to stimulate the Ss’ interest of the lesson.

By playing the PPT, I And then, (板书layout)

The purpose of this is to present the new words and sentences in the

situation, which relates to the Ss’ real life experiences, to help the Ss

understand the language easily and naturally.

After presenting each new word (by the guessing game), I will impart the

knowledge of pronunciation rules in teaching the new words.

It is called Phonics.

It can facilitate the Ss’ abilities to pronounce the words, and help them to

remember the spelling of the words.


(机械上口; 有意义操练; let’s do; 课文对话表演;)

It will cost mins, including

Due to the Ss’ age, I make

The purpose of this is to draw the whole Ss’ attention to the spelling of

the words.

It is to help Ss to learn through a true situation.


In this step, I will give Ss a free space to show their abilities.

I will


Task-based teaching method and Communicative language teaching are

used here.

The activity is to develop Ss’ ability of communication, and also, their

ability of cooperation will be well developed.

Making a new dialogue is to check if Ss can use correctly and skillfully.

(总结上课内容; 德育渗透; 作业布置;)

In this step, I will guide the Ss to conclude the key words And sentences And also, I will

The purpose of this is to stimulate Ss’ interest of learning English and

wide their knowledge about communication across cultures.

6. 板书设计


And, this is my layout design.

That’s all for my teaching design. Thank you a lot for listening. (GONG) 11

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