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姓名 分数Part one 听力部分


1)A. sea B. tree C. pear D. red

2) A. happy B. eraser C. ring D. square

3)A. old B. sad C. snare D. sleep

4)A. short B. shop C. pen D. carrot

5)A. library B.ring C. right D. left

6)A.open B.orange C.rainbow D.radio

7)A.cake B. bus C. fold D. step

8)A.jacket B. hair C. angry D. double

9)A.three B. desk C. birthday D. street

10)A.hand B. hear C. ruler D. Music


1)A. loud B. coat C. about D.wound

2)A. hall B. ball C. walk D.wow

3)A. down B. house C. show D.how

4)A. now B. yellow C. how D.count

5)A. pear B. dare C. rare D.beer

6)A.pare B.bear C.ear D.care


1. ( ) A. I’m eight. B. I’m a boy. C. I’m singing.

2. ( ) A. I like playing. B. I like playing basketball. C. I like mangoes.

3. ( ) A. She’s sleeping. B. He’s sleeping. C. The pen is yellow.

4. ( ) A. There are four. B. There is a pen. C. They are green.

5. ( ) A. Thank you! B. No, I don’t. C. Yes, I can.

Part two 笔试部分


(1)apple banana eye watermelon (2)ear nose turtle hand

(3)bear lemon elephant dog (4)ant blue green yellow

(5)pineapple house mango pear (6)cow fox green panda

(7)forty ten nine purple (8)bike car uncle train

(9)under shirt on behind (10) sister mother glasses


( A. drink B. drinking C. drinks

( ?

A. play / swimming B. playing / swim C. playing / swimming

( ) 3. Your pen is red 。

A. and B. to C. but

( ) 4. —What is she —She is reading a book.

A. do B. doing C. does

( my friends.

A. is/ are B. am / are C. are / is

( ) 6. ——There are three.

A. girl B. book C. boys

( A. can, sing B. can, dancing C. can, dance

( )8. The house is on fire(着火),please.

A. one two zero B. one one nine C. one one zero

( )9. —Do you like black? — A. I am B. I do C. I don’t

( four pencils.

A. am B. have C. has

( )11. —Happy birthday, Peter! — .

A. Thank you! B. Happy birthday! C. That’s OK.

( )12. —Can I ask you a question? — .

A. That’s OK. B. Yes, please! C. I’m sorry。

( )13. —How do you turtle? —T-u-r-t-l-e.

A. draw B. write C. spell

( A. an B. the C. a

( )15. —Who’s your favorite person? — .

A. Dog B. My mother C. Color

( )16.Green is the color for the ______ on the tree.

A. apple B. sea C. leaves

( )17.Which needs wheels(轮子)?

A. A car B. A dog C. A car

( )18.Have you got a toy car? ______

A. Yes, I can. B. No, I haven’t. C. Yes, I haven’t.

( )19.Six minus(减)one is _____.

A. four B. five C. six

( )20.Do you like my T-shirt?

A. Yes, I do. B. No, I do. C. Yes, I have.


1. What ( would / does )

2. —How are you? —I’m fine, .( friend / friends )

4. —What’s your favorite sports)—I like playing badminton.

a teacher in the classroom. ( is / are)

6. —Hi, Miss Gao. Nice to meet you !

—Oh, , too! (Nice to meet you / nice to see you )


1)mountain 快的 2) triangle 正方形 hallway 硬件设施 pentagon 长方形 angry 剪刀 square 透明胶 quick 过道 rectangle 三角形 sccisors 生气的 circle 五边形 hardware 山脉 sticky tape 圆形

3)taking a photo 我也是! smelling the flowers 正在骑自行车 riding a bike 正在照相 Ticket Office 我从没来过这里。 catching a butterfly 正在抓蝴蝶 Not at all! 售票处 painting a picture 正在画画 So do I! 不用谢! listening to music 正在听音乐 I’ve never been here. 正在闻花香


tall _______ big_______ long _______ happy ________ left _______

quick_______ new_______ short _______ old ________ hot ________


嘴巴 七 九 长的 大的 热的 高兴的 五角星 高的 老的

十、1. A: Mrs. Wang , I’m sorry. I’m late. B:_________________

2. A: Nice to see you. B:_________________

3. A: Excuse me. What’s the English for “Qianbihe”?


4. A: Don’t worry. Let me help you. B:_________________

5. A: Mr. Li, can I ask you a question? B:_________________

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