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剑桥少儿英语一级 Unit 13 Paper clothes show

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Homework 1. 下次默写P72 第8部分单词

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Unit12 单元复习

? What do you like doing? 你喜欢做什么? ? What’s your hobby? ? 你的爱好是什么? ? 回答:“I like…+动词-ing” 表示“我喜欢做……”。

Study pronunciation
? 字母组合sh在单词中发 的音,发 时,双 唇收圆略微突出舌头微微上卷,舌尖接近上 齿。

sheep fish


shoe short

she ship


U nit 13 P a pe r clothe s show





Group one,please come and show us your paper clothes.

-Is that your dress? It's beautiful. -No.It's hers-Lily's.

-Is that yours? -Yes,this is mine.

物主代词两类型,形容词性、名词性。 “形”变“名”时加-s,my—mine特殊记。 His,its两类同,二者用法易分辨。 “形”后加“名”不可少,“名”后加“名” 终难见。
学好物代很重要,回答whose少不了。 形容词只作定,名词性可作主表宾。

Please read the sentences:
? My father is a doctor and his father is a teacher. ? This is your book. ? It is our bags, not theirs. ? The big garden is ours. ? The green box is mine and the yellow one is yours. ? Whose cat is this? It’s hers.

my ? This is _____ shirt. This shirt is _____. mine (I, my, mine) his ? These are _____ shorts. The shorts are his ____. (he, his, him) her hers ? That is ____ hat. The hat is ____. (she, hers, her) our ? They are ____ trousers. The trousers are _____. (our, we, ours) ours

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

mine hers The chair is _____, not _____. (我的,她的) mine It’s my pen. It’s _____. yours It’s your T-shirt. It’s ______. It’s her dress. It’s _____. hers his They’re his shoes. They’re ____. It’stheir ______ dog. It’s theirs. It’sour _____ house. It’s ours. our This is ____ dog.(我们的) They are _____ shoe. (他的) his It’sits _____ milk. (它的) theirs The books are_______ .(他们的)

Sound practise. bench chant chest choose lunch much watch which

? ? ? ?

Caps , trousers , shoes and socks,shoes and socks Caps , trousers , shoes and socks,shoes and socks Dresses , T-shirts , glasses and vests . These are the things we often wear .

I’m wearing a 6,show, ask and answer. pink dress. Do you like my dress?

Yes, I do.

I’m wearing a. . .
I’m wearing a white dress
I’m wearing a blue T-shirt.

Unit 13 单元复习
?shirt衬衫, dress连衣裙, skirt短裙, jacket夹克, hat帽子, socks袜子, T-shirt T恤, glasses眼镜, trousers裤子, shorts短裤, vest背心, shoes鞋, yours你(们)的, mine我的, his他的, hers她 的, ours我们的, theirs他(她)们的, its它的

Unit 13 单元复习
? 重点句型 ? This is my T-shirt. 这是我的T恤。 ? These are my shorts. 这些是


? Is that yours?
? Yes, this is mine.


? It's beautiful.


? I'm wearing a pink dress.我穿着一件粉色色的连衣裙。

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