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Step2 首字母练习题集


A man once had a dream about the Black Forest in Germany.In his dream he was walking in the forest when two men ran out and tried to throw him to the ground.He ran off as f _1______ as he could, but they followed him.He reached a place where he saw two roads in f __2_____ of him, one to the right and the other to the left.Which road should he take? He h__3___ the two men behind him, getting nearer, and at the s ___4____ time he heard a voice in his ear.It told him to go to the right, and he did so.He ran on and soon came to a small hotel.He was received there kindly and given a room, and he was saved from the two men.That was the dream. Twenty years l _____5____ he was really in the Black Forest and, as happened in the dream long ago, two men ran out and tried to t ______6__ him down.He ran off, and came to a place with two roads, like in the dream.He remembered the dream and t ____7____ the road to the right.He soon reached a small hotel, was taken in, and so was safe.His dream of twenty years before had saved his life.

1.f _______ 2.f _______ 3.h______4.s ________ 5.l ________ 6.t _______

7.t _______


A large store was having its spring sale on shoes and boots. It was the first day of s to buy them. There for their new stock(存货).

The cashiers(收银员to one of them with her money in her hand and said, "I don't need a bag, thank you. I'm wearing the shoes I bought." She pointed to them on her feet.

"Would you like a bag to put your old shoes in then?" the cashier asked politely as she took the woman's money.

"No, thank you," the woman answered quickly, "I've just those to someone else."

Many people use the Internet to get useful knowledge and facts, and to relax themselves. But some are not using it in a good way. Here are some rules to make and have fun on the Internet.

☆ Make rules for the Internet use with your parents. For example, when and how

you can do online.

☆ Don't give your password (密码) to anyone else, and never give out the following i

your real name, home address, age, school, etc.

☆ Check with your parents before giving out a credit (信用) card n 75 .

☆ Never send a photo of y 76 to anyone in an email unless (除非) your

parents say it's OK.

☆ telling your


☆ Remember: not everything you r 78 on the Internet is true.

Being a panda seems like a sweet thing, unless your dream of being a Kung fu master. Here is the story of a panda who wants to save the world.

Po is a fat and lazy panda living in a peacefully valley. ____ in his family’s noodle shop, but

by night he dreams of becoming a true Kung fu master.

One day, the chance A bad leopard (豹)

named Tai Lung comes to the valley and wants to

destroy it. Po is unexpectedly picked to fight him. So he

begins training Master Shifu. Soon, Master

Shifu realizes that the traditional styles of Kungfu isn’t fit for a 250 – pound panda. Po studies very hard, and in the end, he becomes a Kung fu hero (英雄) by learning


Imagine this: It is May Day. People are everywhere. You need to hurry to the train station, but you cannot find the bus stop. Suddenly, you see your bus. It is on the other side of the street, and it is leaving soon! You try to fight through the c , but the light turns red. You want to run across the street to catch the bus. But wait! You’d better not. If a policeman sees you, you will have to pay a fine(罚款).

It became a law in October last year, and it was first put into use during the May Day holiday.

Traffic accidents more than 104,000 people in China last year. Chinese cities have more cars than ever. Drivers and pedestrians(行人)must work .

The law has new rules for drivers and pedestrians. Drivers have to slow down to crosswalks. If people are in a crosswalk, cars must stop to let them walk. If there are no traffic signals, drivers must also let pedestrians go first.

There are rules for bus drivers, too. If bus drivers smoke, drink, or make phone calls while driving, they can be fined. Buses that carry too many people are also a the law.

Pedestrians(行人)will have to walk more safely under the new law. They must cross streets at crosswalks. And if there are no traffic signals, pedestrians must look to make sure it is safe to cross. Also, they should not climb over the fences along b they might not see a car coming!

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