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1. A.Parrot B.pineapple C.carrot D. Paint

2. A.Bike B. bird C. kick D.kite

3. A.snakt B.sausage C. Skate D.sea

4. A.tea B.tree C.pea D.bean

5. A.count B.cat C.catch D.peach


1. A. Do you like drawing? B. Do you like swimming? C. Do you like reading?

2. A. How are you?

B. How old are you ? C. Where are you?

3. A. It is a banana. B. It is a pencil-case. C. It’s a pencil.

4. A .My name is Amy. B. Her name is Amy. C. My sister’s name is Amy.

5.A.The box is very big. B.The house is very big . C.The mouse is very big.




very happy. ________

running. _________

is very big. _________

are friends. _________

playing badminton. ___________


1.mango______ 2.sheep _____ 3.rabbit______ 4. peach_____

5.pea______ 6.bedroom________ 7.mouse ______

8.teacher______ 9.friend_______ 10.tomato _____

六、单项选择 (16分)

( )1.She is _____best friend. A.I B.my C.me

( )2.Mary is sleeping.的正确翻译是:_____

A.Mary正在睡觉。B.Mary正在唱歌。C.Mary 喜欢睡觉。

( )3.We are _______.

A.number one B.Number one C.Number One.

( )4 I am doing____ homework. A.my B. me C. I

( )5.Nick,May,Tom,Linda,they are all my ____. A.friend B.friends C.firends

( )6.What animals do you like? I like____. A.turtles B.oranges C.juice

( )7.Do you like pears? Yes,____. A.I don’t B.I do C.i do

( )8.I like to eat a pizza with some ____. A.sausages B.onion C.potato.

七、排列顺序 (8分)

1)A. Do you like apples? B Take one ,please. C.Thank you. D.Yes, I do.

_____ _____ _____ _____

2)A.No, I don’t. B.Thank you just the same. C.Do you like lemons? D.I’m sorry. _____ _____ _____ _____

八、选择填空 (10分)

1,Your name,please?____ A My name is Jily.

2,Who’s your best friend?____ B Yes, I do.

3,Do you like apples?____ C I can see a big book.

4,What can you see?____ D There are ten.

5,How many girls are there?____ E Lily is my best friend.


1.水果类的名词: ____________________________________________________

2.动物类的名词: ____________________________________________________

十、填空 (7分)

This is_______ ________.(Bobby 的房子)

),a______________(起居室), a ____________(厨房),a _______________(餐厅)and two__________.(卧室).


1.欢迎来到我们学校。_______ _____ our school.

2.他正在洗澡。He’s ---_______ a bath.

3.你能看见多少只鹦鹉?How many _______ ______ you see?

4.单腿跳向黑板。 Hop to the _________.

5.谁正在踢足球? Who are playing _____ ?

6.我们都是朋友。 We are all _______.

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