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A. read B. to read C. reading D. look


( ) 6.What a that he is leaving Puyang next week . A. pity, to B. a pity ,to C. a pity ,for D. pity ,for

( ) 7. She is going to the school sports meet.We’ll cheer her on .Will you us ?

A. take part in, join B. join ,take part in C. join , join D. take part in ,take part in

一、 用所给词的适当形式填空: ( 15分)

考号: 线

1.Do you want to join our school ( swim ) club ?

2. He ( want ) to be a teacher when he ( grow ) up . : 名 姓封 : 级 班

3. I’m going to be a ( science ) .

4. He is one of the greatest ( invent ) in the world .

5. Jack likes the ( run ) shoes . He wants to buy a pair of them . 6. Miss Wang is going to take part in the ( woman ) relay race. 7.We all felt ( excite ) about the ( excite ) sports meet . 8. We should often do exercise to keep ( health ) . 二、选择 ( 15分)

( ) 1. Look!Tom and Jim are having a football game over there . Let’s . A. cheer him on B. cheer on him C. cheer them on D. cheer on them ( ) 2. Lots of students in Class Ten play football very well . A. / ,/ B. the ,/ C. /, the D. the , the ( ) 3. Did you know about England ? A. something new B. new something

C. anything new D. new anything

( ) 4. Running is a good way .

A. keep health B. to keep health C. to keep healthy D. keep healthy ( ) 5. I spend half an hour English every day .

( ) 8. There an English meet this evening .

A. is going to be B. is going to have C. will have D. is going to

( ) 9.Would you mind bottles around ? . I won’t do it again . A. not throwing ,Sorry. B. not throwing, OK

C. not throw ,Sorry D. not throw, OK

( ) 10. , I did better in Chinese .

A. With your help B. With you help C. Under you help D. Under the help of you

( ) 11. What about sorry him now ?

A. to speak , to B. to say, at C. speaking , at D. saying, to

( ) 12. We must stop the cat from into the room . A. go B. to go C. going D. goes

( ) 13. I have two brothers . One is tall ,and is short .

A. another B. other C. others D. the other

( ) 14. Do you exercise much ? Yes, you are right . I enjoy sports . A. do B. to do C. did D. doing ( ) 15. She took part in relay race last week . A. the girls’ 400-meter B. girls’ 400-meter


C. the girl’s 400-meter D. the girls’ 400-meters less stressed (更少的压力).

三、改错( 10分) ( ) 1.A.easy B.important C.popular D. Interesting

( ) ( )2.A.in B.for C. with D.at

A B C D ( )3.A.join B.joins C.join in D.takes part in

2. ( ) _________ ( )4.A.take B.make C.turn D.keep

A B C D ( ) 5. A. So B.but C.or D.because

( ) _________ ( ) 6.A.begin B.begins C.began D.beginning

A B C D ( ) 7.A.healthy B.warm C.busy D.useful

( ) _________ ( ) 8.A.shows B.means C.plans D.brings

A B C D ( ) 9.A.few B.two C.three D.many

( ) _________ ( )10. A.good B.well C.badly D.bad

A B C D 五.阅读理解(20)

四、完形填空。(10分) (A)

Yoga (瑜伽)is a kind of sport . It is very all over the world now. Everyone can do yoga. Welcome to Happy Days Club. It is a great place with fun and excitement.

It’s good both men and women . Why do more and more people yoga? It’s hard to say .The short answer is that yoga helps you there’s more if you have an interest in it . Yoga in India about 5000 years ago .At that time, people wanted to be free, and live a long life ,so this kind of exercise was created. Yoga is a Sanskrit(梵语) word and it parts in yoga : exercise,breathing and thinking .If you do in yoga, it can give you peace(平静)and help you feel 2 密 封 线

班级: 姓名: 考号:


( ) 1.Happy Days Club is a club for people to _______.

A. Keep healthy B. enjoy music C. get together D. learn art

( ) 2.If you want to play basketball, you can call ________.

A.375--4753 B.375--4789 C.375--4766 D.375--4762

( ) 3.You can take the dancing class at __________.

A.9:00 a.m. B.1:00 a.m. C.3:00 a.m. D. 4:00 p.m.

( ) 4.If a child wants to have more friends, he or she can go to _____________ A. Swimming Pool B. Ball Game Center C. Kids Club D. Roller --skating Class

( ) 5.There are _______ different parts in the club. A .three B. four C. five D. six (B)

All over the world, people enjoy sports. Sports are good for people’s health. Many people like to watch others play games. They buy tickets or turn on their TV sets or may be online to watch.

Sports change with the seasons. People play different games in different seasons. Sometimes they play inside the room. Sometimes they play outside. We can find sports here and there. Some sports are rather interesting and people everywhere like them. Football, for example, is very

popular in the world. People from different countries cannot understand each other, but after a game they often become very friendly to each other. ( ) 6. Sports are good for _______.

A. the players C .the coaches

B. people’s health D. people who like sports

( ) 7 .If you like sports, you can _______.

A. buy tickets to watch the games C. watch the games on the Internet

B. watch the games on TV D.A、B and C

( ) 8. People play _______ in different seasons.

A. the same game C.any games

B. different games D.all kinds of games

( ) 9._______ is very popular in the world.

A.Table tennis


C.Football D.Skating

( )10.From this passage we can see that _______ can become very friendly.

A.people from different countries all B.people from the same country C.people who do the same sports

D.after a game, people from different countries

六.词汇运用 (10)

Last week our school _______ (hold) a _______(sport )meet. Everyone in our class felt very __________(exciting)because we win. In the boys’relay race, Michael ran very fast and our class won ________ (one) place.Yu Ting is good at the long jump and she also won.We are sorry that we


did ________(bad) in the high jump, but we are sure we will do better next time.

I took part in the ________(boy)400--meter race. I did _______(one’s)best and was the first ___________ (cross) the finish line. Now I love sports more.I want to be a soccer

________ (play). I will do more_______( exercise )every day and I hope some day I’ll be able to take part in the Olympic Games. 密

七、写作 20分)

My Favorite Sport



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