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Unit 1

My New Teachers
B Let’s talk

Who is this man?
He is a math teacher.



Is he kind ? No, he isn’t. He is strict.

He is an

university student.
What’s he like? He is _________.

Is he young? Yes, he is.

Who is this woman ?

She is an English teacher.

Is ______ funny ? she Yes, she is. She is very active.

Is ______ active ? she
No, she isn’t.

Is she old ?
Yes ,she is.

Is she old ? No,she isn’t. She’s young.

Is he _____? funny

Yes, he is.

Is he short? No, _______. he isn’t He’s tall.

?Is he…?(old/ tall/ thin/ strict) ?Yes, he is. ? No, he isn’t. 肯定回答 否定回答

?Is she …?(old/ tall/ thin/ strict)
?Yes, she is. ? No, she isn’t. 肯定回答 否定回答

Who’s that young lady?
She is our principal. Is she strict? Yes, she is.

Is she active? No, she isn’t. She’s quiet.


English teacher math teacher P.E. teacher

music teacher

Choose the right answer: ( B )1. ______ your new English teacher? A. Who B.Who’s C.who ( A )2. Is she _____? No, she’s quiet. A. active B. young C. funny ( A )3. Who’s the young man? _____ is our music teacher. A. She B.He’s C.He ( B )4. What’s she like? _____. A. She likes apples. B. She’s strict and kind. C.She is our principal.


连词成句 1.she like

what's ( ?)

What’s she like? 2.a student is she university (?)
She is a university student. 3.young is she ( ?) Is she young? 4.kind is she very ( .)

She is very kind.

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