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2012级听说(2)期末考试须知 具体话题版

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● 听力考试: (70分)

1、考试时间: 2012年6月21日(周五) 下午4:30—5:10 ( 学生入场4:10)

注意事项:-- 请带学生ID(即校园一卡通),调频收音机(配好新电池),耳机。

-- 请带2B或HB的铅笔,橡皮、黑色水性笔或钢笔。

-- 请在完整填写答题卡考生信息,特别注意学号的涂写正确。

-- 请在任课教师一栏填写任课教师姓名,并在其下方填上课堂号和名册序号。

2、考试地点:8号教学楼 (见资源浏览中的考试考场安排,请按指定的教室考试)

3、考试范围: 新时代交互英语视听说:2级8-13单元

大学英语进阶听力教程:3册 1-5单元(含Quiz 1)


Section A:Conversations:(30分)

8个短对话(8个问题)每题2分;两篇长对话(7个问题)每题2分 Section B:Passages (20分)

● 口语考试:(30分)


1、 考试范围:视频模仿1、2、3、4、5、8、9、10、11、12、13单元


第一部分:视频模仿表演 15分

1)抽签定表演内容(考试开始前集体抽签后集体准备3分钟) 2)强调语音语调的模仿和表演 (在全班表演):(30-35分钟)



3)要求至少使用2个以上所学相关交际功能语言句型(视频中或Part C 中language in 1 3篇短文(共10个问题 每题2分) Section C:Spot dictation (20分) 一篇短文10个空,每空2分2-4个单词 2、考试形式:视频模仿和情景对话 (2人一对4人一组) 3、考试内容:考试分为两个部分 第二部分:情景对话 15分(每小组分两对各2分钟 共40分钟)

use的句型) 。


1、Electronic and Computer Accessories


You are on the phone talking with your father or mother and asking him/her to buy you a notebook computer or a MP4 player. Your father/mother has the money but he/she wants to make sure what you use it for.

2、Seeing a doctor


You meet your friend in front of the resident hall (学生宿舍楼). He/She went to see a doctor just now and still looks pale.

So you ask about his/her sickness and the treatment given by the doctor.

Then you offer to help when needed.

And finally, you ask your friend to take a good rest and not to worry about classes.

3、What presents to bring.


Student A is invited to a birthday party or to a farewell party next week, A asks Student B if he or she is going to go there, too and talk about what presents to bring.

4、Asking and giving advice

Situation :

(try to use the expressions in Language in use and find some specific advice for western table manners)

Student A is going to America for vacation this summer, but he/she knows little about the table manners there. Student B is giving A some advice.

5、Talking about an unpleasant trip (refer to assignment Unit 9)

Situation :

? You have just come back from a four-day trip to the Yellow Mountains.

? During the four days:

—you were caught in heavy rain which stopped the operation of the cable car. —You had to stay in the open for the night because the hotel was overbooked.

—You missed the sunrise because you were too sleepy and you broke your ankle

while you were descending from the mountain.

—Finally the rain was delayed for two hours on your way back home.

? Now you are complaining to a friend who is also planning a trip there in the coming



6、Talking about the places you live in Situation :

Student A is living in the college Dorm on campus, but his classmate Student B shares an apartment outside the campus with another student from other college. Both A and B are discussing the relative advantages and disadvantages of the two ways of living.

7、Describe your hometown. Situation :

Your teacher is going to attend a meeting in your hometown. He/she wants to know something about the place and talks with you about it before he/she leaves.

8、Talking about job offers. Situation :

You are finding a job. Luckily, you get two job offers after a month’s hunting. One job offers high pay and flexible schedules with high pressure and little opportunity for promotion in the near future, while the other job provides lower pay with modest but steady annual increase and involves a relaxing working environment. You tell the news to your best friend and talk with him/her about the job offers. You will make a decision after the conversation.



口语考试总分:30分 1、视频模仿表演:15分






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