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Unit 12 Let's make friends

Music Listeningto music




a kite

Go shopping


Wearing a red dress



Sentences:’s your hobby?你的爱好是什么?

I like…+动词-ing. 我喜欢……I like flying a kite.


I like bike-riding.


I like swimming.


What does A like doing?Alikes flying a kite.What does B like doing?Blikes bike-riding.

What does C like doing?Clikes going shopping.What does D like doing?Dlikes singing.

What does E like doing?Elikes wearing a red dress.

What does F like doing?Flikes swimming.What does G like doing?Glikes writing.

Hlikes sleeping.Ilikes drawing.Jlikes watching TV.Klikes eating ice cream.Llikes playing computer games.Mlikes listening to music.Nlikes playing soccer.Olikes roller-skating.P&Vlike talking with friends.Qlikes drinking juice.Rlikes climbing trees.Slikes dancing.Tlikes reading books.Ulikes helping mum.

注意:What do you like doing?你喜欢做什么?

What’s your hobby?你的爱好是什么?

回答:“I like…+动词-ing”表示“我喜欢做……”。

What do you like doing?Tick the right



Share with your friends.

often 经常together 一起


Group work.

I like drawing.

I like listening to music.

We like playing/singing/dancing/reading!We like playing soccer!

We like music!


Let's sing.

(6)Let's guess. What is it? It's a...

bear, cup, car, door, pencil, boy,

watch, girl, book, TV, bike,

bed, woman, glasses, giraffe, burger.

(8)Look and write. Look at the

pictures. Look at the letters and write d r i n k i n g

the words.

s w i m m i n g

s i n g i n g

r e a d i n g

s l e e p i n g

d r a w i n g


Listen, look and read.


friend, toys, reading, animals, dog, book.

What is he/she doing ?He/She is _______.

What is he doing ?

sleeping He is _______. He likes sleeping.

He likes swimming.

bike-riding.He likes

I like climbing and flying a kite.

flyinga kite climb


goingshoppingplayingcomputer gamesI like ________.

Hi! I like playing climbing. Hi! I like playing basketball. Hello! I like singing very much. Hi! I like swimming.

What's your hobby ?

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