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The mouse runs quietly The mouse runs fast The cat is asleepSo the mouse runs past

Let me help you.Wow,what a big turnip!I can’t pull it out.

? Two cats climb up a big apple tree. ? They want to catch a mouse. ? But there are too many leaves. ? They want to get down but suddenly fall. ? They break their legs and stay indoors.

? Hello! What’s your name ? ? How old are you ? ? Where do you live? ? How do you go to school everyday?

? What’s your favourite colour? ? What are your favourite animals? ? What’s your favourite fruit? ? Who’s your best friend?

? 1.My name is ____. 2.I’m ____.3.I live in ____.4.I go to school by ___.5.I like ___,_____,______. 6.Tony is my best ____.

? Goodbye!
? 开心快乐每一天哈。。。。。。

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