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introduce oneself(自我介绍)

Good morning, teacher! My name is ***。

I’m very happy to be here. Now I will tell you something about myself.

I`m 11,and I come from beautiful city.

I'm in Class seven Grade five of **** primary school. I like all my subjects, such as Chinese, Math.

I like English very much.我非常喜欢英语

Because English is interesting.因为英语很有趣。

I like playing computer games and reading books, and I like drawing .

My wish is to be a painter(画家)。

I like spring, and I like purple. I like beautiful things. This is me, a happy, quiet girl.

Please remember Wangchenxi.

I wish everyone success, happiness and health! (祝大家工作顺利、快乐健康!)

Thank you very much!

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