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Teaching key points:

A. 认识几种常见的颜色

B. 鼓励幼儿积极参与游戏,大胆开口说英语

C. 提高幼儿对英语的理解能力及反应能力

D. Words:orange purple brown等

Sentences:what color is it?It"s …等

Teaching preparation:小白兔头饰一个、篮子一个、透明瓶子二个、橙色、紫色颜料、咖啡、抽纸玩具、各种颜色的花若干、蝴蝶头饰若干、VCD

Teaching procedure:


T:Good morning, boys and girls. What day is today?

S:Good morning, Miss Lin. It"s Wednesday.

T:What"s the weather like today?

S:It"s raining.

T:Yes, it"s raining now. The floor is wet. Let"s sing the song "weather".


(A rabbit carrying a basket is jumping into the classroom)

T:Hello, little rabbit. What"s the matter with you?

R:Hello, Miss Lin. I"m very tired. I"m very thirsty.

T:Here is some water for you.

R:No, I don"t like to drink water. I like orange juice.

T:Orange juice. OK. Let me practice magic. But first you may tell us what color orange juice is?

R:Orange juice is orange.

T:OK. Please say "orange" together.

(teacher and children say "orange" together while teacher shake the bottle) T:Look, here is a bottle of orange juice. What color is it?

S:Orange. / Orange juice is orange. / It"s orange.

T:Yes it"s orange (Face to little rabbit). Here you are.

R:Thank you (little rabbit pretended to drink). Yummy, Yummy, I like to drink grape juice too.

T:Grape juice. Boys and girls, do you know the color of grape juice? (No) Let"s ask little rabbit.

T&S:What color is it?

R:It"s purple. Grape juice is purple.


S:Purple (Teacher shakes the bottle).

T:OH, grape juice. Do you want to drink?


T:Tell me what color is it?

S:It"s purple. Grape juice is purple.

T:Do you like orange juice?(Yes)

Do you like grape juice?(Yes)

I like coffee. What color is coffee?It"s not orange. It"s not purple. It"s brown. (Point to children"s clothes. Where is brown?Please show us.)

S:Here is brown. It"s brown. (Guide them to answer.)

(Review the other colors in the same way)

3.Play toy

T:I have a toy here. It"s very funny. Do you want to play?

S:Yes, I do.

T:It can change color. What color is it?Ask me, please.

S:What color is it?(Teacher show them one kind of colors)

T:It"s orange.

(Boys ask, girls answer. And then, girls ask, boys answer.)

4.Game:Colorful flowers

T:Look, here are so many beautiful flowers. beautiful?

S:Yes, they are beautiful.

T:Are they colorful?

S:Yes, they are colorful.

T:What color are they?(point to the flowers one by one)

S:It"s red / yellow / pink.

They are orange / purple / white.(Guide children to answer)

T:Who is coming?


T:I"m a butterfly. I can fly here and there. I like flowers.

T:Can you fly like a butterfly?(Yes) Do you like flowers?(Yes).Do you want to play a game?

S:Yes, I do.

T:(Some of you imitate to be flowers, some

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