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第6讲英语 期中复习 教师用

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开江中小学个性化全科教育第一品牌 英语教研组

七年级秋季专享学案第6讲 复习篇

Eling教会你: * Be动词,化成灰也认识你 常回头看看

* 你见或不见,代词就在这里!

* 疑问句,特殊疑问句,否定句,一网打尽

第一板块 *我们约会吧*

∮精讲∮ Be动词,化成灰也认识你


我用am ,你用 are ,is连着 他 她 它 陈述前,问句后,单数 is 复数 are。 ∮精练∮ 填上相应的be动词

1、Those my photos.

2、What color_ your book?

3、What your name?

4、How you?

5、How your father?

6、This_my aunt?

7、These his sister.

8、Her baseball white.

9、Who you?

10、Whoyour sister?

11、My name Mike?

12、I Alina?

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开江中小学个性化全科教育第一品牌 英语教研组

13、What color those books? 14、What five and two? 15、these your brothers?

∮精讲∮ 形容词性物主代词很幸福,后面总是有东西不离不弃,而名词性物


∮精练∮ 选择

( B ) 1. is my father,name is Wang Jian. A.He; he's B.He; his C.His; his ( B ) 2.——Is that your schoolbag? —— No, it's _______. A.my B.his C.her ( B ) 3. She is a nice girl. _____ name is Linda.

A. My B. Her C. His D. Your ( A ) 4. ______ name is Kate._______ is a teacher.

A. Her, She B. He’s, He C.His, She D. He, His

( B ) 5. –Is this your ruler? – Yes, it’s ________

A. my B. mine C. hers D. his.


1、—Is this Jane’s ruler?

—Yes, it is. It’s_____hers__ (she) 2、What is name? (you) 3、The blue ruler is . (I) 4、This is _ruler. (I) 5、That is uncle. (he) 6、book is yellow. (she) 7、am a girl. (I)

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开江中小学个性化全科教育第一品牌 英语教研组

8、—What is this in English?

—___It___is an orange.(It)

9、What color are books? (you)

10、How is? (he)

第三板块 *Yes, I can! *

第一主题 一般疑问句,你还有什么疑问???



A 将下列各句变为一般疑问句,并相应回答。

1.I am a student. a student? Yes, .

2.My father is a math teacher. father a math teacher? Yes, .

3.Our pears are green. pears green.? No,

4. Those are English books. those English books ? No, .

5. I am free. ? Yes,

B 翻译“吗 ”也不难


your book? (=Is this book ? ) ,it

2. 那是他的橡皮吗?是的。

his ? .(=Is that ? )

3. 你能拼写它吗? you it? No, _.

第二主题 否定句,挠头不如抓住“not”,按对地儿。


1.I am ten years old. I ten years old

2.She is healthy. Shehealthy.

3. That is an eraser. an eraser.

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开江中小学个性化全科教育第一品牌 英语教研组

第三主题 what,how,who 谁与争锋

2. They are healthy(健康的). are they? (划线提问)

3. 你如何用英语拼写它?

youit ?

4. 你好吗?我很好,多谢。

are you? I’m .

B what “我”最能 划线提问)

name ?


is the car?


in English?

4. It’s 同上)


5. Jenny’s telephon同上)

Jenny’s ?

6. 那个用英语怎么说?

that in ?

7. 四加二得几? is and ?




is the quilt?

C who 怕who 谁怕谁

1.that boy in red is (划线提问)

不要轻视每一次微小的进步,水滴也能穿石 ! 4/5

第四主题 想那本是同根生,奈何整容太猖獗


1. I’m Mary. = Mary.

2. This is my ID card= This ID card is .

3. Those jackets are hers= Those are jackets.

4. Here are photos of my family =Here are my .

5. Thanks for helping me= Thank you for .

6. Do you know how to spell it?= you it please?

第五主题 华山论剑,群雄争霸

2. This is a ruler. It’s orange. ( 合并为一句 )

This is ruler.

3. That’s an eraser. It’s yellow. ( 合并为一句 )

That’s yellow

4. She is my grandma’s daughter, but she’s not my mother. ( 合并为一句 )

She’s my

5. You can call Nick. Please call 8453.( 合并为一句 )

Please Nick. 8453.

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