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Unit5 Do you want to watch a game show课件

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Unit5 Do you want to watch a game show ?

SectionB Reading

?Do you like to watch cartoons?

?What is your favorite cartoon?

?Why do you like it?

Walt Disney



1.culture n.文明,文化

cultural adj.文化的,教养的Chinese culture 中国文化

2.think of 想起,认为

think about

think over 考虑


eg: What do you think of cartoons ?

Please think about what you like to do .I have no time to think it over.

3.famous adj.著名的,出名的be famous for

be famous as 因.......而出名作为.......而出名eg:Yang Mi is famous ______ for《Palace》(宫).

asYang Mi is famous ______ an actress.

4.symbol n.象征,标志

a symbol of 一种......的象征

eg:Elephants are a symbol of good luck in Thailand.

5.over=more than 超过

6.appear v.出现,显现(近义词:come out)

appearance n.外貌,外观

eg:We can't judge a person by his or her appearance.

7.come out 出版,发行

eg:The CD came out last mouth.

8.become v.开始变得,变成

9.rich adj.富有的过去式:becameeg: Our city is becoming more and more beautiful.反义词:poor adj.贫穷的

10.successful adj.成功的

successfully adv.成功地

success n.成功,成就

succeed v.成功,成就

succeed in (doing) sth=be successful in (doing) sth 做某事取得成功

successfuleg:He is a ( ) trader.

successfullyHe finished the work ( ).

successThe sports meeting last week was a great ( ).

succeededHe ( ) in getting a ticket.

11.in the1930s20世纪30年代

in 1930在1930年




thinkofWhen I see this photo,I'll ( ) ( ) my good friend.

2、Walt Disney 因为米老鼠而出名。

Walt Disney (is )(famous)(for)Mickey Mouse.


cameoutHis new book ( ) ( ) last year.


Cheng Long is a very ( ) ( ).successfulactor

5、Lily 喜欢中国的历史和文化。

culturehistoryLily (likes)Chinese ( ) and ( ).


1、Bill ( ) a doctor two years ago. (become)became1940s2、Mr.White was born in the ( ). (1940)

3、Mickey Mouse ( ) in the cartoon.(appear)appeared

becomingricherricher4、He is ( ) (become) ( ) and ( ) .(rich)

5、Jean usually watches TV for over two hours.( 转换为同义句)

Jean usually watches TV for (more)(than)two hours.

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