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一, 拼单词(25分)

1, 看单词拼音(15分)

Gray trait peach sheep book float ploy marker short rice stay stamp screech think churh


[fi?] [f a:m?] [n ?:s] [desk] [eg] [d?k]

[??:t] [sm a:t] [let?] [st?dy]

二, 英汉互译(20分)

1,at the weekend___________ 2,stay with_______________ 3,wake up_____________ 4,miss the test________________ 5,usually___________ 6,dress______________ 7,take a rest____________ 8,helpful___________ 9,homework______________ 10,borrow______________ 11,精心照顾________________ 12,阅览室______________

13,参加聚会_____________ 14,做了一个噩梦_______________ 15,回家 _____________ 16 早饭_____________

17,按时、准时 ____________ 18 在早上__________________ 19 艺术家___________ 20 数学测试_______________ 三,单项选择(10分)

1 - Nice to meet you .__________

A Hello B Nice to meet you

C How are you D I am a boy.

2,Do you like oranges?_________

A Yes,I do . B No,I does

C Yes,I don’t D No,I do .

3,____ mother is a doctor.

A I B Lily C She D My 4,Sixty minutes are ____hour.

A a B an C two D no 5,Is this your pensil?_________

A Yes,it isn’t. B No,it is

C Yes ,it is D Yes ,it does

6,What color do you like?_________

A apple B oranges C black D a black 7,Jim ______ a basketball and ____footballs.

A has a B have two C have an D has two 8,This is a boy ._____ name is Jet.

A His B Her C My D,Its 9,-Is Miss Cheng at school?

-_______,I don’t know.

A Excuse me. B Yes

C Sorry D No

10,Where _____ my books?

A is B are C am D do


Dick is eleven.He has a sister and her name is Anna.She is fifteen.Their mother and father are teachers.Their father is an English teacher and their mother is a Chinese teacher.They are not in the same school.They have many books.Dick and his sister have many books,too.They like reading very much.They often borrow books from the library. 判断正误

1 Dick’s sister is fifteen.( )

2 Their father and mother are English teachers.( ) 3 Their father and mother are in the same school.( ) 4 Dick and Anna often go to library.( )

5 Dick and Anna like to read.( )


一) 用所给词完成下列句子

1, 我有十本数学书(math book )

2, 他喜欢看电视。(wacth TV)

3, 我每天做作业。(do one’s homework)

4, Tina 想听音乐。(want to)

5, 我妈妈早上很早起床。(get up)

二) 句型转换

6, Jone likes playing computer games(改为一般疑问句)

7,That is my father.(改为否定句)

8,Does Ben have a basketball?(做否定回答)

9,Jim is a boy.(改为一般疑问句)

10,I go to school everyday.(改为否定句)


____ ____ ____ ____ ____


1, what color is it? Yes,I do,

2, Do you have a pen ? It is 9 o’clock. 3, What’s your name? It is yellow. 4, Are you a boy? My name is Lucy. 5, What’s the time? No ,I amn’t.

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