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I. Background information:

Students: 50 Junior High school students, Grade 2

Lesson duration: 45 minutes

II. Teaching aids:


III. Type of the lesson: reading、speaking

IV. Teaching objectives:

1. know about Elvis Presly

2. understand “long live ”

3. learn to write a description

4. consolidate what we have learned

V. Teaching contents:

1. vocabulary and phrase:

guitar、 It proved to be…、 go wild、hit records

2. structure of text

3. the past tense

VI. Teaching procedures:

1. Use PPT to show some pictures of Elvis Presley and ask the three questions;

2. Enjoy music;

3. A brif introduction of Elvis Presley;

4. Learn the words and phrases;

5. Grammar: past tense;

6. Comprehension of text

7. Do some activities : choose the best answer , re-tell the story , discussion , listen-to-the-song and a piece of homework

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