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“我是小小旅行家” 英国知识风采大赛

1.Which city is the capital of the UK?


2.How many parts are there in the UK?

3.What colors are in the UK flag?
Red ,white and blue

4.What is this famous food from the UK?

Fish and chips

5.What’s the name of this university?
Oxford University

6.What’s the name of this national flower?


7.What’s the name of this bird?

8.Who is this?

The Queen

9.What’s the name of this kind of money?


10. What’s the name of this toy?
Teddy bear

11. This is a famous football star. Do you know who he is? David Beckham

12.Who is this?

Isaac Newton

13.Who is this?
Charles Darwin

14.What is in this picture?
Buckingham Palace

15.Which river is the longest in the UK? Thames River

16.Which sport is the favourite sport in the UK?


17. Which country does Shakespear e belong to ? The UK

18.What tools do British people eat with?

Knife and fork

19.What is the name of this animal?

Red squirrel

20.What is in this picture? London Bridge

21.What is the name of the car?

Land Rover

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