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Cao Cao Sings an Ode with Leveled Spear

This is a story from Kingdoms. After suppressing the separatist forces in the north and taking control of the court, Cao Cao led his 830,000-strong army to the north bank of the Yangtze River, aiming to destroy Sun Quan and Liu Bei who were on the other side of the river. It was the thirteenth year of Jian Ah, the fifteenth day of the eleventh month. The weather was clear and bright, the wind calm, the waves still. Cao Cao ordered a feast and entertainment for the commanders that evening. The moon was bright and the GREat River lay slack, like a belt of white silk unrolled. Aboard ship, all the attendants were in damask coats and embroidered jackets. Cao Cao spoke to the assembly: “We have raised this force to purge evil, dispel threats to the ruling family and to calm the empire. The Southland alone remains outside our sphere. Today I invite you to join me. When we have received the submission of the Southland and the empire is at peace, we shall share with you the enjoyments of wealth and glory.” The audience rose as one to give Cao Cao thanks. Cao Cao was gratified and offered wine to the river. Then he quaffed three full goblets and, leveling his spear, said to his commanders, “Here is the weapon that broke the Yellow Scarves, took Lu Bu, eliminated Yuan Shu, subdued Yuan Shao, penetrated beyond the northern frontier, and conquered the east as far as Liao dong. In the length and breadth of this land no man has withstood me. My ambitions have always been those of a man of action, a leader among men. And now the scene before us fills my soul with profound passion. I shall perform a song, and you must join me.” Cao Cao recited:


Here before us, wine and song!

For man does not live long.

It southbound circles thrice a tree,

That offers him no haven.

the mountaintop no beight eschews,

the sea eschews no deep.

And the Duke of Zhou spat out his meal,

An empire's trust to keep.

As Cao Cao finished, Liu Fu, an imperial inspector, pointed out ominous words in the ode. Cao Cao, already drunk at that time, pierced Liu Fu through with his spear, killing him. Lin Fu's words were proved later in the battle at Chibi, where Cao Cao almost lost his life.


曹操平定了北方割据势力,控制了朝政。他又亲率八十三万大军,直达长江北岸,准备渡江消灭孙权和刘备,进而统一全中国。建安十三年(公元208 年),冬十一月十五日,天气晴朗,风平浪静,曹操下令:“今晚在大船上摆酒设乐,款待众将。”到了晚上,天空的月亮非常明亮,长江宛如横飘的一条素带。再看船上众将,个个锦衣绣袄,好不威风。曹操告诉众将官:我自起兵以来,为国除害,扫平四海,使天下太平。现在只有南方我还没得到,今天请你们来,为我统一中国同心协力,日后天下太平,我们共享荣华富贵。文武们都站起来道谢,曹操非常高兴,先以酒奠长江,随后满饮三大杯。并横槊告诉众将说:我拿此槊破黄巾,擒吕布、灭袁术、收袁绍,深入塞北, 2

直达辽东,纵横天下,颇不负大丈夫之志,在这良辰美景,我作歌,你们跟着和。接着,他唱曰:“对酒当歌,人生几何…… 绕树三匝,无树可依,山不厌高,水不厌深,周公吐哺,天下归心。”歌罢,刺史刘馥说,此歌不祥。曹操乘醉,将他用槊刺死。果不出所料,曹操乐极生悲。赤壁一战,险些特了性命。


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