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青少版新概念英语2A_Unit3 教案

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Is this yours ?

Lesson 5 / Lesson 6


belong to属于




pick up接(某人)training run长跑训练back

Why on earth…?回原处


that指的是在时间mine:yours:第二人称单…”在这里this指的是较近的。That’sstrange.数/复数的名词性物主代词,意思是’s thisThis is my book.“你的…/你们的…”mine.Is it yours

let+宾格代词+do belong to+名词或者Let me open the 代词表示归属door.This book belongs to me.his第三人称单’t mine. Let me see.数名词性物主This book is mine.belongs toPaul.代词his


This picture doesn’t look like Daisy:

I don’t know. It looks likePaul’s ‘to-do’list. Let me read it .


give sth. to sb.


问句Hmm. Give it to meYes, it is Paul’isn’t it?

Yes, Jack.Putit back.Jack:But pocket ?


noteWhat’s this in my ?mineIt isn’t yours.pocket

mineNo, it isn’t see.Oh, it belongsLet. me

toPaul.The handwritingis his.

Jack: pocketwhySo is it in my Daisy:

lookslikeI don’Let‘Paul’sto-do’list.me read

Daisy.Hmm.Giveit tome , Paul’sisnYes, it is ,’tit ?

Putit back.

Jack: But whyonearthis it in my pocket?

That’s strange.

There is a note in Jack’s pocket.What’s in Jack’s pocket? Is it strange? Is it It isn’t his.

?It isnIs it Daisy’s? Who does it belong to? Whose ’t Daisy’s.

handwriting is it?Oh, it belongs to Paul.his?

The handwriting is his.

?Does Daisy know why it is in Jack’s pocket? Daisy doesn't know why it is in Jack’s What does it look like? pocket.

It looks like Paul’s ‘to-do’list.

Wednesday, 18 AprilWhat’s on the list?8 a.m. ---airport 10 a.m. ---Mum, Barnet1 p.m. ---training run 5 p.m. ---Claire

?Does Daisy give the note to Jack? Is it It is Paul’s.Paul’s?

Jack puts it back to his pocket. Daisy gives the note to Jack.?But he doesnDoes Jack put it back?’t know why on earth it is in his pocket.

myThis is ____ mobile.It’s _____.minemeItbelongsto ____.

hisThis is ____ book.It’s _____.hishimItbelongsto ____.

ourThis is ____ car.It’s _____.oursusItbelongsto ____.

This is ____ house.theirIt’s _____.theirsthemItbelongsto ____.

yourThese are ____ CDs.They’re _____.yoursyouTheybelong to ____.These are ____ gloves.herThey’re _____.hersherTheybelong to ____.These are ____ shirts.youryoursThey’re _____.youTheybelong to ____.These are ____ CDs.ourThey’re _____.oursusTheybelong to ____.

personal pron.---人称代词有人称、数和格的变化:

I havethese books.

= These books belong to me.

possessive pron.--物主代词有人称、数和词性的变化:

Ihave a computer.

?This is ___ computer.my

?= This computer is _____ .mine

?= This computer belongs to____.meJuliahas a computer.This is _____ computer.Julia’sJulia’s= This computer is _____ .= This computer belongs to____.Julia

This is mybook. = This book is mine.?That is herbag. = That bag is hers.

?These are ourpens. =These pens are ours.

has a computer.

Whoseis this computer?

☉This computer belongsWhodoes this computer belong to?

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