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Fable - 中外寓言教学

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Foreign Fable
Let’s read a foreign fable first.

The Crow and The Fox
One day a crow got a piece of meat. A tricky fox went up to the crow, and said, “Miss crow, hello! You can sing well. Can you sing a song for me?” The crow became proud and decided to sing. When she opened her mouth, the meat fell to the ground. The fox picked up the meat and ran away. The crow was angry and shouted, “How tricky you are!!!”

Chinese Ancient Fable
Now, let’s read a fable in China, please follow me......

Let’s learn some new words first
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Spear Shield praise impenetrable coexist Chu

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矛 盾 赞扬 密不透风 共存 楚国

His Spear Against His Shield
A man of the state of Chu had a spear and a shield for sale. He was loud in praises of his shield. "My shield is so strong that nothing can pierce it through."

He also sang praises of his spear. "My spear is so strong that it can pierce through anything."

"What would happen," he was asked, "if your spear is used to pierce your shield?" It is impossible for an impenetrable shield to coexist with a spear that finds nothing impenetrable.

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