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Cinderella - 辛德瑞拉童话英语教学

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Miss Taylor is telling the children a fairy tale. It is called ?Cinderella?. The story goes like this...

Once open a time, there was a girl called Cinderella. When Cinderella was a little girl , her mother died. Cinderella?s father married again. Her stepmother had two daughters. They did not like Cinderella. They were unkind to her. They asked her to do all he housework. They did not give her enough food to eat.

One evening, Cinderella?s stepsisters put on beautiful dresses. The elder sister was in a red dress and the younger sister wore a gold necklace. They were going to the prince?s party at the palace. Cinderella wanted to go too, but her stepmother did not take her. “You don?t have a beautiful dress. You can?t go to the party. You must stay at home and clean the kitchen,” said Cinderella?s stepmother.

Cinderella was sad. “If I had a beautiful dress, I would go to the party,” she thought. Suddenly, a fairy with a magic wand appeared before her. “ Don?t be sad, Cinderella. I can make your wish come true. You?ll go to the party,? said the fairy. She pointed her magic wand at Cinderella and suddenly, Cinderella was wearing a beautiful white gown. Then the fairy turned a pumpkin into a coach. She turned a cat into the coachman. She turned some mice into horses too. She also gave Cinderella a pair of glass slippers. “Remember you must come back before midnight,? the fairy warned Cinderella.

When Cinderella arrived at the party, everyone stopped dancing and asked one another. “Who?s that beautiful girl with the glass slippers?” A young man with a mask saw Cinderella. He asked Cinderella to dance with him. He said to her politely, “May I dance with you?” Cinderella was happy. She danced with the young man all night long. Then it was almost midnight. Cinderella ran out of the palace quickly...

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