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康龙 晨星英语学校剑桥少儿英语二级下册期中考试卷

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晨星英语学校剑桥少儿英语二级下册期中考试卷 Name:Score: ______________


1. hospital __________ 2.银行_________ 3. sunny____________

4.多云的 __________ 5.cough_________ 6.头疼____________

7. smell____________ 8.走 ___________ 9.live ____________

10.forest___________ 11.汤___________ 12.only ___________ 二.连线

1.Where did you go on the holidays? I live on the ninth floor.

2.What’s the weather like today? There are five windows.

3.What’s the matter with you? I can smell the flowers

4.Where do you like living? It’s sunny today

5.What would you like, sir? I’ve got a toothache.

6.How many windows in your classroom? I’d like a glass of water.

7.Which floor do you live on? I went to many places

8.What can you do in the country? I like living the city.


1. Where are you going? I’m ______ to the supermarket.

A. go B. going C. went

2.Do you often play tennis? __________

A. Yes, I do. B. Yes, I can. C. Yes, I am.

3. Is she happy? No, she _______. She is sad.

A. is B. isn’t C. can’t

4. How many days ______ in a week? There are seven.

A. there are B. there is C. are there

四. 连词成句

1. would a cup of tea like you ?

2. is football match there a .


3. never it’s too to learn old .


4. kill birds to two with stone one to .



Lily’s an English girl. Now she is in Jiangsu with her parents, Mr. And Mrs. White. They live in Nanjing. Mr. White works in a factory. Mrs. White teaches English in a middle school. Lily goes to that school on weekday. She has many Chinese friends. On Friday afternoon she often goes shopping

with her mother. She likes eating fish very much. She likes to help her mother with some housework.

1. Now Lily lives in ________________.

A. England B. London C. China

2. Lily’s father is a _________________.

A. teacher B. worker C. farmer

3. Lily doesn’t go to school on __________________.

A. weekdays B. Friday C. Sunday

4. Mrs. White often ______________ on Friday afternoon.

A. does some shopping B. gives English lessons C. goes swimming 六.作文(附加题)以Life in the City为题。

Life in the City


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