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1. _______许多 2. tomorrow _________ 3. _________经常 4. should__________

5. shop ________ 6. _________安静的 7. bedroom_______ 8. ___________ 毯子

9. place_______ 10. __________ 街道 11. rubber________ 12.__________ 老鼠

13. must _______14._________ 前面 15. start__________ 16. lesson_________

17. lovely_______18._________脏的 19. mean__________20._________医院

二. 单向选择。

1. They____ my new friends.

A. is B. are C. am D. be

2. Where are you ____?

A. going B. go C. goes D. going

3. He likes _______ picture books.

A. read B. looking C. reading D. look

4. You______ drop litter in the park.

A. can B. mustn’t C. could D must

5. How____ books are there in your bag?

A. much B. some C. many D. any

6._______is she?

She is my friend.

A. Who B. What C. Which D. when


1.( )Is this book yours?

2. ( ) Where do you often swim?

3. ( ) What’s the English for “juan fa” ?

4. ( ) Which place would you like to go?

5. ( ) What does he like doing

A. He likes dancing, but he doesn’t like sing.

B. I’d like to go the great wall.

C. It’s “curly hair”.

D. Yes, it’s mine.

E. I often swim in the swimming pool。


learn English 去看电影

play soccer 在水里

give me a hand 聚会

go to see a film 学英语

have a party 踢足球

in the water 帮个忙

have a good time 过的愉快


1. 她有一辆红色的自行车。


2. This is our beautiful school.


3. 我们要去度假。


4. You mustn’t pick flowers.


5. 我妈妈喜欢逛街。


6.There are some dolphins in the rive.




Two boys come to a park. They see some ducks coming. They quikly follow the ducks and copy their sounds. Quack! Quack! They see two cats coming. They quickly go up the cats and copy their sounds. Miao! Miao! Miao! Then they see two sheep coming. They quickly stand behind the sheep. They also copy their sound. Baa! Baa! Baa! Oh, there are two cows coming.They quickly run to the cow and cocy the cow’s sounds loudly. Moo! Moo! Moo! Seeing so many animals, the boys are very happy. Questions:

1. Where do the boys come to?


2. How many cats do the boys see?


3. How may kinds of animals do the boys see?


4. What do the boys do when they see the animals?




My Friend


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