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Attacks and vulnerabilities 2

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Attacks and


Topics of Discussion


Gain information about a system


Attributes of a system that can be maliciously exploited


Procedures to exploit vulnerabilities

Reference 1

Topics of DiscussionReconnaissance

–War Dialing

–War Driving

–Port Scanning


–Packet Sniffing

War Dialing (Reconnaissance)?Method

Dial a range of phone

numbers searching for



Locate potential targets??DetectionDetection impossible outside of the telephony infrastructureDefenseDisconnect unessential modems from outgoing

phone lines

Reference 2

War Driving (Reconnaissance)?Method

Surveillance of wireless

signals in a region


Find wireless traffic??DetectionCan only be detected by physical surveillanceDefense

Limit geographic access to

wireless signal

Reference 3

Port Scanning (Reconnaissance)?Method

Send out a SYN packet,

check for response


Find potential targets??DetectionTraffic analysisDefenseClose/silence ports

Reference 4

Probing (Reconnaissance)?Method

Send packets to ports


Find specific port information?DetectionTraffic analysis?Defense

Close/silence ports

Packet Sniffing (Reconnaissance)?Method

Capture and analyze packets

traveling across a network



Gain access to information

traveling on the network?DetectionNone?DefenseUse encryption to minimize

cleartext on the network

Reference 5

Topics of DiscussionVulnerabilities


–Code Exploits


–Indirect Attacks

–Social Engineering

Backdoors (Vulnerabilities)

?Bypass normal means of authentication?Hidden from casual inspection

?Installed separately or integrated into software

Reference 6

Code Exploits (Vulnerabilities)

?Use of poor coding practices left uncaught by testing?Defense: In depth unit and integration testing

Eavesdropping (Vulnerability)

?Data transmitted without encryption can be captured and read by parties other than the sender and receiver

?Defense: Use of strong cryptography to minimize cleartext on the network

Password Cracks: l0phtcrack?Method

Gain access to operating

system’s hash table and

perform cracking remotely


Gain access to system,

cracking elsewhere –no

lockouts?DetectionDetecting reading of hash table?DefenseLimit access to system

Reference 8

Web Attacks: Source Viewing?Method

Read source code for

valuable information


Find passwords or

commented out URL??DetectionNoneDefenseNone

Web Attacks: Database Insertion?Method

Form multiple queries to a

database through forms


Insert information into a table

that might be unsafe?DetectionCheck database logs?DefenseFilter database queries, make

them quotesafe

Reference 9

Web Attacks: Meta Data?Method

Use meta characters to make

malicious input


Possibly reveal script or other

useful information?DetectionWebsite logs?DefenseFilter input of meta characters

Reference 10

Physical Attack: Spoof MAC & IP?Method

Identify MAC address of

target and replicate


Deny target from receiving

traffic?DetectionMonitoring ARP requests and checking logs?DefenseNone as of now

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