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English Name: _____Chinese Name: ______Total Score: _______


Part1听音判断,将你所听到的单词的序号填在题前括号内。(10%) 2.

e a l f ( )

1. ( ) A. beach B. pea C. bean 2. ( ) A. maths B. mouth C. month 3. ( ) A. kite B. ride C. read 4. ( ) A. please B. plane C. play 5. ( ) A. sea B. eat C. tea 6. ( ) A. lamp B. lemon C. lemonade 7. ( ) A. shirt B. sock C. skirt

8. ( ) A. basketball B. baseball C. badminton 9. ( ) A. meet B. week C. feed

10.( ) A. wall B. water C. what


1. ( ) A. I’m eight. B. I’m a boy. C. I’m singing. 2. ( ) A. I like playing. B. I like playing basketball. C. I like mangoes.

3. ( ) A. She’s sleeping. B. He’s sleeping. C. The pen is yellow.

4. ( ) A. There are four. B. There is a pen. C. They are green. 5. ( ) A. Thank you! B. No, I don’t. C. Yes, I can.





3 . e i b k ( )

4 . r o n a e g ( )


horse 唱歌

carrot 足球 soccer 热狗

sing 跳舞

dance 大象

hot dog 马

fish 胡萝卜

elephant 大海 sea 鱼 beef 牛肉








arms, eraser, ruler, book, legs, green, cake, pencil-case, water,

lemon ,feet, red, juice, milk, picture book, exercise book, pizza,

rice, yellow, brown, head



( )1.What’s he doing? a. Her favorite sport is tennis.

( )2.Where are my cats? b. I’m 9 years old. ( )3.Have you got a computer? c. They’re behind the bookcase.

( )4.What do you do at school? d. Yes, I like. ( )5.How are you? e. He’s sleeping. ( )6.What’s her favorite sport? f. I’m fine. Thank you. ( )7.Do you like bananas? g. No, thanks. ( )8.What’s your name? h. No, I haven’t. ( )9.Please have some chicken. i. My name is May. ( )10.How old are you? j. I read books.


Part8阅读短文,选择正确答案(10%) A

I like sports. My favourite sport is basketball At 7:00 a.m., I go to school and play basketball with my friends. In the afternoon, I play basketball. In the evening, I watch basketball games on TV. Do you like playing basketball? ( ) 1. I don’t like sports.

( ) 2. My favourite sport is table tennis.

( ) 3. I go to school at seven in the morning. ( ) 4. I watch TV in the afternoon.

( ) 5. I play basketball with my friends in the morning.


My name is Zhou Dan. I’m a Chinese girl. I’m twelve. I’m from Zhengzhou, China. Do you know Zhengzhou? It’s in the middle of China. I’m in No. 8 Middle School. There are about nine hundred students and fifty teachers in our school. Ours is a good school in Zhengzhou. I’m in Class 2, Grade 1. There are 49 students in our class, 29 girls and 20 boys. My English teacher is Miss Zhao Dan. Our names are almost the same, right? She is nice to me. We’re good friends. I like English, and I like music, too. I want to find a pen friend. Please write to me.

( )1. Zhou Dan is from .

A. Chinese B. China C. English D. England ( )2. There are teachers in their school.

A. 15 B. 50 C. 900 D. 19 ( )3. There are boys in Zhou Dan’s class.

A. forty-nine B. twenty C. twelve D. twenty-nine ( )4. Zhou Dan and her English teacher are good .

A. friends B. students C. teachers D. boys ( )5. Zhou Dan wants to find a .

A. pen B. teacher C. pen friend D. worker

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