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Online shopping

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Online shopping brings more harm than benefit to customers. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

I disagree with this statement that online shopping brings more harm than benefit to customers. The extreme popularity of online shopping is the result of social choice, so online shopping must brings more benefit than harm to customers. Otherwise it will be weeded out. It is very convenient for consumers to find a shop with so many goods that they may favor. Online shopping will also save the customers a lot of time because they can just type in the key word of what they want to buy, the target will appear on the screen quickly. Of course, these advantages are attributed to the facts that the rapid development of the online store let all the products be available online and the improvement of the express business enables the consumers to receive the goods in less than three days or even within one day. After the customers have done some online shopping and have a deep understanding with online shopping, they will know what the best shopping websites are and be able to buy the things they need very easy and fast rather than waste time on the way. Without the expensive store rent, the utilities fee and some other related fees, prices of the goods online will be relatively cheap, which is the greatest concern of consumers.

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