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穷人家的孩子必须掌握的26句英语 2010

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穷人家的孩子必须掌握的26句英语 2010-6-26 17:24 阅读(0

1. I'm sorry, I can't afford that.(对不起,我买不起。)【要勇敢地说出这句话!】

2. I can't spend money on such foolish things. I'm saving it.(我不能把钱花在这些愚蠢的事情上。我在存钱呢。)

3. Just send me a message. Don't call me.(给我发信息就好了。不要打电话给我。)

4. Would you mind lending me your dictionary?(可以把字典借给我用一下吗?)

5. This restaurant is too expensive.(这个饭馆太贵了。)【看清菜谱再点菜!】

6. I don't want to eat out. Canteen food is OK with me.(我不想出去吃。食堂的饭很好!)【不要过早养成下馆子的习惯!】

7. I'm not used to such fancy food.(我不习惯吃太奢侈的东西。)

8. Don't waste that food. Wrap it up and I'll take it home.(不要浪费食物。打包,让我带回去。)

9. I don't want to celebrate my birthday. It's a waste of time and money.(我不想庆祝我的生日。那是浪费时间和金钱。)【生日应该问候母亲!】

10. Don't throw away that mantou. I can eat it.(不要把馒头扔了,给我吃。)【我经常这样做!】

11. I can walk there. It's not that far.(我可以走去那里。不远的。)

12. I can help you review that lesson, and you can treat me to a meal.(我可以帮你复习功课,你请我吃饭。)

13. I don't want to drink anything. I brought my own bottle of water.(我什么都不想喝,我自己带水了。)【特别提醒:千万不要在餐厅要饮料!】

14. I'm staying at school during the holiday. It's too expensive to travel.(放假期间我留在学校,路费太贵了。)

15. My parents are both farmers. I'm very proud of them.(我父母都是农民,我为他们感到骄傲。)

16. My family has very little money. I can't waste a cent.(我家没有钱,我一分钱都不能浪费。)

17. My mother is a fruit vendor. I help her after school every day.(我妈妈在街上卖水果。每天放学后我都去帮助她。)

18. My mother is a domestic helper. She cleans for three families and watches their kids. She is amazing.(我妈妈是个保姆,她帮助三个家庭打扫卫生和看小孩。她真了不起。)


19. My father watches bicycles. He works very long hours.(我父亲帮别人看自行车,他工作时间很长。)

20. My father works in a factory in Guangdong. He seldom comes home.(我父亲在广东的一家工厂里打工。他很少回家。)

21. My father is a temporary construction worker. He moves around all the time.(我父亲是工地上的临时工。他到处打工。)

22. I haven't seen my father for years. He sends money home every month. I know he loves us.(我很多年没见我父亲了,他每个月寄钱回来。我知道他爱我们。)

23. My parents have no education.(我的父母没有接受什么教育。)

24. My family lives in one small room with no bathroom.(我家住在一个小房子里,没有厕所。)

25. My father is very sick in bed. I'm looking for ways to make money. Can you help me?(我爸爸重病在床,我正在寻找赚钱的方法。你能帮助我吗?)

26. My parents have a hard life. I love them too much to waste their money.(我父母过着艰辛的生活。我非常爱他们,所以不能浪费他们的钱。)[提醒:可以用这个句子拒绝同学去玩耍的邀请!】

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