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Let’s find out the sentences in the dialogue.

haven’t you 1. You’ve heard of him, ___________? wasn’t he 2. He was German, ______________? don’t you 3. You like western classical music, ____________? don’t you 4. You listen to pop music, ______________? does she 5. She doesn’t like pop music, ______________? isn’t it 6. It’s certainly very… traditional, ____________?


达标学习 A. 反意疑问句专项练习

aren?t you 1. You are from America , _______________? 2. It isn’t very cold today , ______________? is it wasn?t he 3. Tom was away yesterday , _____________? 4. They weren’t at home last night , ___________ ? were they 5. Mary is reading English now , ______________? isn?t she

Module 5

Western music

Unit 2 Vienna is the centre of European classical music.

Vienna is the captial city of Austria and the centre of European classical music.

centre /?sent?/ n. 中心

Australia [ ?'streili? ] n. 澳大利亚 Australian[ ??streili?n ] a. 澳大利亚的 n. 澳大利亚人 Austria [ ??:stri? ] n.奥地利

Austrian [ ??:stri?n ] a.奥地利的 n. 奥地利人

The Danube is the river in Vienna.

guitar /gi?ta:/ piano

trumpet /?trΛmpit/

drum /drΛm/

organ /'?:g?n /

waltz / w ?:lts /

violin /,vai??lin/

Mozart was born in Austria in 1756 and died in 1791 when he was only 35.

die /dai/ v.死,去世

What type of music do you like best? Can you guess what kind of instrument it used?


Who has the quickest eyes?


Who has the quickest eyes?


Who has the quickest eyes?


Who has the quickest eyes?


Who has the quickest eyes?


Revise the instruments:







centre n. *drum n. guitar n. organ n. trumpet n. *violin n. elder adj.

waltz n.

中心 鼓 吉他 管风琴 小号 小提琴 年长的(尤指家庭 成员年幼的 (尤指 家庭成员之间 华尔兹,圆舞曲

年幼的(尤指家庭 成员之间) die v. 死,去世 addition n. 添加;添加物 in addition to 除……以外 rest n. 剩余部分 younger adj.

Listen to the radio and answer the following questions
How many composers are mentioned in the passage ,and who are they? 3composers: Johann strauss the elder,Johann strauss the younger, and Mozart.

Guess: who is he?
He was

born in Austria in 1756 and died in 1791 when he was only 35.


Some people say he was the greatest European composer

Guess: who is he?
He was born in Vienna. He wrote The Blue Danube
Johann Strauss the younger

Guess:who is he?

He wrote and played music for a classical dance--- a waltz

Johann Strauss the elder

Compare elder and older
elder指资历和辈分老的; ? older指年纪大的和经历岁月久 的. ? elder通常于名词前作定语用, 而不能用在be动词或系动词后 作表语 即This is my elder brother ? 而older作“年长的”解时,则 正好与

之相反,它用作表语,而 不用 作定语形容词 即He is older.

Listion to the tape and try to answer:
1. Is Vienna the centre of European classical music?
Yes, it is.

2. How many people are called Strauss in the passage? And who wrote The Blue Danube, the elder one or the (年长的) younger one?

Two people are called Strauss. The younger one wrote it.

3.How many waltzes did Strauss write?

He wrote more than 400 waltzes.

4.When was Mozart born and when did he die? (死,去世)
He was born in 1756 and he died in 1791.

Read and check the true sentences:
1. Many composers and musicians came to study and work in Vienna. 2. Strauss the younger played the piano, the violin and the organ at the age of six.
× 3.Mozart wrote his first opera at the age of 14.

√ ×

× √ × ×

4.The family took Mozart around Europe. 5.The father Johann Strauss died in 1791. 6.Mozart wrote The Blue Danube.

Activity 3: Answer the questions.
1, Where is Vienna? In Austria. 2, Which family was the most famous The Strauss family of musicians in Vienna? family . 3, What was Johann Strauss the younger ‘s most famous piece of music? The Blue Danube 4,When was Mozart born ? In 1756

5,How old was Mozart when he was died? He was 35.
6, Who do some people say was the greatest European composer? Mozart.

the centre of…… ….的中心 the most famous family of musician 最有名的音乐之家 the elder, the youger 年长的, 年幼的 a classical dance-a waltz 古典舞-华尔兹 made him famous: make sb +adj 使某人….. even more successful and popular 甚至更有成就,更受欢迎 two of the most important composers 最重要的作曲家中的两个 not only…but also 不仅….而且….. give concerts 开音乐会 hundred of… 数百的… pieces of music 几首音乐 at the age of… 在….的年纪时 He dies in 1791 when he waw only 35 在他只有35岁时,就于

1, a lot of = lots of 许多 ; 大量的 (用于肯定句中,既可修饰可数名词,也可修饰 不可数名词) 修饰可数名词时,可与many互换; e.g.: I have a lot of / lots of books. === I have many books. (我有许多书.) 修饰不可数名词时,可与much互换. I have a lot of / lots of money. === I have much money.(我有许多钱.)

2, the most famous


most 形容词最高级的一种形式,在形容词前加 the most 构成,意为:“最……” e.g.: 他是这个城市最著名的歌星.

He is the most famous singer in the city.

3, more than = over 超过,多于
e.g.: There are more than 20 boys in our class.

4, not only……but also 不但……而且……
是一个表示并列关系的连词,用来连接两个并列关系 的句子成分.
e.g. : 他不但是我的老师,而且是我的朋友. He is not only my teacher , but also my friend. 我不但会讲中文,而且会讲英语. I can speak not only Chinese, but also English.

5, at the

age of …… 在……年龄时

e.g.: 60岁时,他开始学习如何上网.
At the age of 60, he began to learn how to search the Internet.


Read the passage again and fill in the form about the great musician Mozart, then write a short passage using the information.
Name Date of born Date of dead Profession(职业) Nationality(国籍) Main(主要的)music Additions
Mozart is a great musician. _________________________________ __________________________________________________________


Mozart was born in Austria in —— his birth 1756. Before he was six he played His interest not only the piano, but also the started. violin and the organ. His family took him around Europe and he gave concerts in many cities. He Growing and wrote his first opera at the age of his works. 12 and he wrote hundreds of beautiful pieces of music for the classical orchestra during his short life. When he died in 1791, —— his death he was only 35 years old.

Some people say Mozart Appreciation was the greatest European composer. When you are introducing someone, you can end with the appreciation or you can begin with the appreciation.

冼星海是古典和传统音 乐伟大的作曲家之一。 1905年生于中国澳门, 并且在巴黎学习。 他因《黄河颂》而出名。 他于1939年在只有六天 的时间里完成了这首曲 子。1945年冼星海逝世。 他被人们称为是“人民 音乐家。


Writing :
Xian Xinghai is one of the great composers of classical and traditional music . He was born in Macao, China in 1905 and studied in Paris .He is famous for his song The Yellow River. He wrote it in 1939 in only 6 days . He used traditional folk music , and brought western and Chinese music together. The music describes China to the rest of the world ,and his songs have been popular for more than 60 years . Unfortunately, Xian Xinghai died young , in 1945. However, he is called the People?s Musician and people like his music very much.

1. Read this passage again after class.

2. Workbook: exercises 4 and 5.
3. Write a passage about Xian Xianghai using the notes in Activity 4.

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