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key words

by jacky huang

unite 5


1)solitary a: tending to spend a lot of time alone 独自的;
Translation A solitary tree remained standing after the hurricane. 飓风过后,惟有一棵树孤独地挺立在那儿。

1)solitude n:

the situation of being alone 独居,孤独

Translation People need a chance to reflect on spiritual matters in solitude. 人们需要独处的机会来反思精神上的事情。

2) tame vt:

make sb. or sth. easy to control制服 train an animal or bird not to be afraid of humans and to be obedient驯化,驯服

Translation A group of policemen was called out to tame the crowds. 一队警察被叫来制服人群。 It’s hard to tame a tiger. 驯服老虎很难。

2) tame a.:

(esp. of animals) not wild or fierce, either naturally or because of training驯化的 经过驯养的老虎

a tame tiger

Association tamer n. timid a. Intimate a. 驯兽员 胆小的,羞怯的 亲密的

3) benign n:

kind and gentle 善良的;慈祥的;温和的

She has a benign nature. 她天性温和。

say words aloud for sb. else to write down听写 4) dictate v:tell sb. what to do, esp. in an annoying way



Though he did not dictate, he went at a pace slow enough for the listeners to take down a lot of what he said. 尽管他不是口授,可是讲话的速度慢得 足以让听众记下他讲的话。 Conscience dictates truthfulness. 良心促使人吐真言。
dictation n. 听写,口述

5) humble a.:

not proud 谦逊的,谦虚的 not great or important 地位低下的,不显要的



scientist position apology birth farmhouse


鄙人的道歉 出身卑微 简陋的农舍

difficult to hold or stand on 滑的 6) slippery a.:(infml.) not to be trusted 狡猾的,不可靠的 Translation 一直下着雨,路上很滑。 It had been raining and the road was slippery. (of a person) as slippery as an eel 像狐狸一样狡猾 Association slip (away) v. 滑倒;跌落,降低 slipper n. 拖鞋

become unable to speak说不出话来 7) choke v.: stop or partly stop breathing窒息 Translation Anger choked his words. 他气得说不出话来。 他抓住她的脖子,差点使她窒息而死。 He grabbed her by the throat and almost choked the life out of her.


choke (up) with: block or fill a passage, space, etc. so that
movement is difficult

During the rush hour, the road are usually choked up with traffic. 在交通高峰时刻,道路通常被堵塞。

8) supreme a.:

highest in rank or position最高的,至上的 highest in degree (程度上)最大的


以前中国的皇帝是国家的最高统治者。 The former Emperor of China was the supreme ruler of his country. For me, dieting requires a supreme effort of will. 对我来说,节食需要极大的毅力。 Association superior a. 较高的,较好的

9) seal v:

close an entran

ce or a container with sth.密闭 close an envelope, pack, etc.封,密封

Translation He sealed up a drawer so that it cannot be opened. 他封住抽屉使它不能被打开。 Make sure the parcel of examination scripts is properly sealed up. 请确保试卷袋密封好了。 seal



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