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What is success? Was that Steve Jobs set up the Apple Company success? Was that Zhang Yimou designed the water cube success? The answer is absolutely right. So let’s discuss what the definition of success is.

It is known to us that everybody is dreamed of being success. As result, many

intelligent people tend to establish some companies to tell these group of crazy people how to become success and what attitudes should they own. In addition, these group of people crave for looking for the ways to become success and even more, they imitate the successful men. Their minds, their behaviors, their habits are without a miss. At this time, let’s think a munite, is these ways feasible? If so, why there are still so many people failure? Don’t they want to become success? That’s so ridiculous.

On the above, these insane admire the surface of other success and splendid aspects. They are not down-to-earth and ignore the diligence. In the end, they are eager to footing on the shortcut, but they are always in the way and never to the end except someone lucky. Meanwhile, we should show an opposite attitude towards these phenomenons. Does everyone define the success identical? Can we obtain another success that is quiet and belongs to you despite the one that everyone longs for but not fit for you?

Thus we should learn to step into the way that needs to pay for. As we all know, it is not easy to success and it need us to conquer something. For example, if you want to pass TEM-8, you should cost your spare-time. In addition, you should inforce

yourselves to prepare for it and do exercise as much as possible. Meanwhile, you may imagine you are in college but living in the senior school preparing for the entrance examinations. You are busy and nervous day to day until the exam coming. In this process, you pay for all what you have and aim to the destination. In the end, you reach it, you succeed. And this is the key how to become success. It needs you working hard, lessen your time doing other things, your persistence, your

psychokinesis and so on.

Success does not mean what honour thing you did for your country, how much

money you earn, how big company you own and how much power you entitled to be an official. Instead, it is the destination the makes you feel happy. Talked from

different angle, it is that you live a happy life, you get a suitable job, you complete a task ahead, you go outing with your families etcetera. All these you ignored maybe a success to you ,so why you have to persue for that belongs to others. In a word, success is also plain.

Generally speaking, success is the goal you could reach rather than that how glories things they do and how much he owns. Only if you could find the marvelous, can you live in the successful life. Then you succeed.

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