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Serious argument with close friend First of all, I am very happy to to share my story with everyone again and again in this way . May be there are various definitions of friendship to you, I want to talk about my thoughts in this topic.

When we talk about this topic of the star, we have different ideas about it. I think it is only some impetuous people who pursue star, but he thinks that star has been part of life of everyone, especially those who pursue the fashion trend. We had a fierce quarrel about point of each other, so friendship appeared the crisis. At last,I think that he and I were very upset and also feld very regret. After all, the friendship is the most important in any case, even though we have different opinions about one thing. I get a lot of enlightenment from this thing which may be refuted and not some very profound truth too, but I would like to share it with everyone. First of all, for some small things, even if that you have a different attitude to them is normal. Only is there different viewing angle of the things ,so results are naturally different. It is not necessary to sacrifice feelings of everyone.May be not enough views of everyone about some things , so we need to be constantly absorb in knowledge, and increase the experience and wisdom.

In the end, no matter what do you think of friendship, may be different from me, it doesn't matter, but you must remember to keep learning and accumulated wisdom. Wish friendship of me and everyone to more higher level.

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