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幼儿英语考级大纲Level 1-3

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Ⅳ. Listen and act 1. Open the door, please!

2. Close your eyes, please!

3. Sing a song ! 1、 本题主要考查考生听力理解能力,考生根据考官所讲的语言内容做出相应的动作。

2、 本题题数为3道题,每题5分,考


1、 本题主要考查考生语言综合运用能




2、 本题题数为5道题,每题5分,考


一定的分数 Ⅴ.Look and answer


Level 1-3考试范围

Level 1考试范围

一、词汇范围 vocabulary

颜色: pink, red, yellow, orange, black, blue, green, white

动物: horse, tiger, pig, dog, duck, hen, chick, mouse, cat, cow, lion, sheep, rabbit, elephant, fish, monkey, fox, panda

工具: ball, balloon, car, bus, kite, doll, picture

数字: one, two, three, four, five.

情感: scared, happy, sad, angry, hungry, thirsty,

食物: noodle, fish, egg, milk, cake, water, cola, juice

水果: apple, pear, orange, tomato, watermelon, juice, lemon, grapes, banana, peach 动作: sit, stand, walk, run, jump, hop, sleep, listen, look, swim, come, go, clap 自然: sun, moon, star, flower, grass, tree, sky

身体部位: head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hand, fingers, arm, face, leg, shoulder, foot 家庭成员: father, mother, daddy, mommy, brother, sister, baby


1) What’s your name? /Who are you? I’m… /My name is…

2) Nice to meet you.

3) Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening.

4) How are you?

5) Are you happy/sad/angry?

6) How old are you? I’m three years old.

7) Happy birthday! Happy Teachers’ Day!

8) Merry Christmas!

9) How many pears are there?

10) What’s this? Where is it?

11) Is this a pencil? Yes, it is. /No, it isn’t.

12) What can you do? I can wash my face/brush my teeth/put on my coat/comb my hair.

13) What do you like to eat?

14) What color is the flower?

15) What color do you like? I like….

16) Are you a boy/a girl?

17) Do you like apples/pears?

18) Who is your English teacher?

19) I love my mum and my dad.

20) What’s this in English? It’s a …

21) Please turn around.

22) Please clap your hands.

23) Please touch your eye ( ear, nose).

Level 2考试范围

一、词汇范围 vocabulary

颜色: pink, purple, grey, black, blue, brown, white

动物: horse, cow, goat, wolf, fox, bird, butterfly, spider, ant, flea

家庭成员: aunt, uncle, cousin, grandpa, grandma

数字: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten

感觉: hot, cold, cool, warm

身体部位: teeth, tongue, hair, foot, arm, leg, neck, face

服装: skirt, T-shirt, dress, blouse, shorts, trousers, vest, sweater, coat, overcoat, sock, scarf, etc. 水果: apple, pear, orange, watermelon, lemon, grapes, cherry, pineapple

食物: jam, toast, hot dog, hamburger, chip, corn, bean, pumpkin, carrot, cucumber, corn, wheat, peanut, bean, moon cake, bread, candy, cookie, juice, milk, pizza, popcorn, sandwich

玩具: ball, balloon, car, bus, kite, puzzles, block

介词: in, on, under, front, at, left, right, up, down

动作: sing a song, dance, stand up , sit down, point to, look at, touch your eye(ear, nose, mouth),open, close, eat, drink, blow bubbles, play balls, fly a kite, ride a bike, play the piano, wash your face, brush your teeth, get up, go to bed, jump rope, comb your hair, have a shower

其他: bed, bedroom, desk, chair, sofa, table, TV, clock, computer, toilet, telephone, drawer, quilt, scissors, slippers

自然: mountain, lake, river, ocean, forest, sky

天气: sunny, cloudy, windy, cool, rainy, snowy.

房间: living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, study.


1) Can you run fast?

2) What do you see? I see…

3) How do you go to kindergarten? I go to kindergarten by…

4) What’s the weather like in spring/summer/ autumn/ winter? It’s…

5) What do you want to do on Sunday?

6) What day is it today?

7) What is he/she doing?

8) What are you wearing?

9) What are you going to do?

10) What are these/those?

11) Who is she/he?

12) Where are you from?

13) How many members are there in your family?

14) How do you get to the park?

15) Where are you going?

16) Do you have apples?

17) What does the rabbit like to eat?

18) Please put this book on the desk.

19) Please raise your hand.

20) Please touch your eye(ear, nose).

21) Please wash your face.

22) Please turn left (turn right, turn back, turn around).

23) Would you like some apples?

Level 3考试范围

一、词汇范围 vocabulary

家庭成员: aunt, uncle, cousin, grandpa, grandma, brother, father, mother

序数词: first, second, third, fourth

颜色: pink, purple, grey, brown

动物: dolphin, crab, kangaroo, giraffe, rat, whale, shark, shell, starfish, deer, shark, turtle 食物: pumpkin, French fries, apple juice, chicken, lollipop, noodles, rice,sausage, tomato, watermelon, Coke, hamburger, ice cream, steak

身体部位: head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hand, feet, knees, shoulders, fingers, etc. Fruit: plum, mango, longan, lychee, starfruit

玩具: ball, balloon, car, bus, kite, puzzles, bell

自然: mountain, lake, river, ocean, forest

介词: in ,on, under, front, at, behind, beside, left, right, up, down

服装: blouse, T-shirt, dress, skirt, pants, shorts, shoes, socks, hat, cap

形状: circle, square, triangle, diamond, rectangle, heart

地点: living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, restaurant, department store, supermarket, zoo, park, beach, bookstore, cinema, dinning room, hospital, post office

动作: pick up the … turn on/off the TV, get the toy, turn around, raise your leg, put up your hand, clap your hands, play computer, play tennis, play the guitar, play the piano, watch TV 物品: fridge, bed, desk, chair, sofa, table, TV, clock, computer, toilet, telephone, bowl, lamp 乐器:guitar, piano, trumpet, drum, flute, harmonica, accordio, etc.

地名: China, Hong Kong, Guangdong, East China, west, north, south


1) Where are you from?

2) Do they have any chips?

3) What are you wearing?

4) What’s the weather like today?

5) What season is it?

6) Where did you go in summer holiday?

7) What does your father /mother do?

8) What’s your favorite fruit/animal/color/food?

9) What do you like best?

10) What can you play?

11) What clothes do we wear in winter?

12) How do you go to kindergarten?

13) What do you want to be when you grow up?

14) How many people are there in your family?

15) What day is it today?

16) What shape is it?

17) What’s for lunch/supper?

18) When is your birthday?


一、 宗旨

1. 响应全民学习英语活动,配合推动英语学习国际化。

2. 公正客观地检测幼儿的英语学习效果,评量内容完全针对幼儿需要,包括英语听力测验和


3. 针对评量结果颁发认证证书,作为鼓励幼儿英语学习兴趣及增加幼儿学习英语的信心。

4. 提供幼儿最佳英语实境评量,评量结果可作为阶段性学习目标,更可作为老师英语教学方


5. 题型设计及评量模式完全兼顾幼儿生理及学习发展的需要,采用生活化、活泼的评量原则,


二、 主办单位:全国外语等级考试研究中心

三、 参加对象:3~6岁学龄前儿童

四、 认证日期及地点:请参考最新NELTS考试时间表。

五、 报名日期:考试前一个月必须完成报名手续

六、 报名手续:

先向NELTS认证中心确认考试时间, 然后索取报名表或直接下载报名表,填写完好可网上报名。

七、 认证费用:NELTS考务费标准80元/人

八、 成绩发表:于认证考试一个月后,寄发正式合格证书

九、 认证规则及注意事项:

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