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Propaganda and Persuasive Techniques

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Propaganda and Persuasive

Techniques in Advertisements

GLE 0801.5.4 Analyze written and oral communication for persuasive devices.

GLE 0801.5.5 Identify and analyze premises, including false premises.

GLE 0801.7.1 Analyze media for their ability to inform, persuade, and entertain.

GLE 0801.7.2 Examine the relationship between the visual (e.g., media images, painting, film, graphic arts) and the verbalin media.

GLE 0801.7.3 Recognize how visual and sound techniques and design elements (e.g., special effects, camera angles,music) carry or influence messages in various media.

SPI 0801.3.2 Identify the targeted audience for a selected passage.

SPI 0801.5.4 Identify examples of persuasive devices (i.e., bandwagon, loaded words, testimonial, name-calling,plain folks, snob appeal).

SPI 0801.5.8 Identify instances of bias and stereotyping in print and non-print texts.

Check for Understanding 0801.5.11 Identify and analyze the persuasive devices used in written and oral communication(e.g., bandwagon, loaded words, testimonial, name-calling, plain folks, snob appeal).

Check for Understanding 0801.5.13 Analyze examples of concepts of stereotyping and bias in text.

Check for Understanding 0801.7.2 Identify, analyze, and discuss the relationship between the visual (e.g., mediaimages, painting, film, graphic arts) and the verbal in media and explain how the elements support or conflict witheach other.

Check for Understanding 0801.7.3 Identify visual and sound techniques and design elements (e.g., special effects,camera angles, lighting, and music in television or film or layout, pictures, and typeface in newspapers, magazines,and print advertisements) in various media, and explain how they carry or influence messages.


?Techniques used to influence opinions, emotions, attitudes or behavior.

?The purpose is to benefit the sponsor.?It appeals to the emotions not the intellect.

?It can be negative or positive.

?The purpose is to persuade.

Characteristics of Propaganda

?In advertising the purpose is to claim “superiority” in order to sell product.

?Weasel Words -modifiers that look substantial but are meaningless.

?Makes audience believe in something or want to do something.

Recognizing Propaganda Techniques?






?BandwagonTestimonialPlain FolksPatriotismGlittering GeneralizationTransferName-Calling


?persuasive technique that invites you to join the crowd.

?Everybody’s doing it!

?Often uses weasel words

Everyone in Auburn is

supporting Bob Riley. Shouldn’t

you be part of the winning team?


?Statement endorsing an idea/product by a prominent person.

?Product does not have to be related to “star’s” field.?Commonly uses musical artists, sports giants,


Plain Folks

?Identifies product/idea with a locality or country?Practical product for ordinary people.

Like a good neighbor…


?Purchase will display love of country.?Person will financially help the country.

…built American tough

Glittering Generalization?Connotation implied to create “positive” impact.?Statement jumps from a few cases to all.

?“Glittering” because it’s falsely attractive

?Often used by politicians?Uses a “positive”

connotation to encourage audiences to accept the product or person without examining the evidence.Have it your way!This slogan implies “choice” which is a founding principle of democracy.


Positive feelings/desires are connected to a product/user. Transfers positive feelings we have of something we know to something we don’t.

This technique relies heavily on symbolism.

*Love/ Popularity *Fame *Wealth *Power

During the Kerry vs. Bush

campaign an e-mail through the

internet showed similar physical

characteristics between John Kerry and Frankenstein.

Name -Calling?A way of smearing an opponent?Intent is to damage opponent

?It also arouses suspicion of opponent?Intention is to create a seed of doubt?Used by politicians and product companiesIn a campaign speech to a logging company, the

Congressman referred to his environmentally conscious opponent as a "tree hugger."

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