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Three pigs

Long time ago, there were three little pigs living in the forest. When the winter was coming, they wanted to build new houses.

The first pig says, “A straw(稻草) hut(屋子) is good. It will take only one day.” The second pig says, “A wooden house is more solid(坚固) and beautiful.” The third pig says, “I want a strong house. I’ll make it with stones(石头).”

A big wolf(狼) was living in the forest. He was hungry(饥饿)and wanted to eat the three pigs.

The laziest(最懒的)pig built a straw hut. The second one built a wooden house. The third one built a stone house. “How foolish to take so long time to build this house!” the two lazy(懒的)pigs laughed(嘲笑).

One day the wolf came and shouted “I am hungry. Stop! My little pigs.”

“Help me!” the first pig said in the straw hut. But the wolf said “Come out! I will blow(吹) up your house!”

“Help me!” the second pig said in the wooden house. But the wolf said “Ha ha! I will burn(烧)the wooden house!”

“Come on, my friends!” the third pig said to the two lazy pigs, “My house is strong!”

“Oh the house is so strong!” the wolf can’t bump into the house and hurt(受伤) himself. The wolf went away(离开)and never(再也没有) came back. The three pigs built three stone houses and lived in the forest happily!

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