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Reading and writing

一、 根据例子改写单词。( 4)

wind——( windy )

rain——( ) cloud——( )

sun——( ) snow——( )


one——( ) two——( ) three——( ) nine——( ) twelve——( )


1、How did the train go?The train went ________( slow, slowly ).

2、How did he sing the song? He sang the song _______(happily, happy)

3、How did she dance? She danced________ (beautifully, beautifull)

4、How did he do her homework? He did his homework___________ ( careful, carefully )

5、How did they wait for their teacher to come? They ________ (quietly, quiet ) waited for their teacher to come.


1、a ( ) of coffee 2、a ( ) of apple

3、a ( ) of popcorn 4、a ( ) of soup

5、a ( ) of water 6、a ( ) of toys


1、( )I’d like a glass ______ water .

A、 with B、of C、for

2、( )Tom ______ in the country .

A、live B、living C、lives

3、( )I can see ______ my eyes .

A、with B、in C、of

4、( )He can do better ______ his brother .

A、then B、than C、when

5、( )There isn’t _______ bread in the kichen .

A、any B、some C、two

6、( )She likes _______ computer games .

A、play B、playing C、to playing

7、( )Sam and Tom _______ at school .

A、is B、am C、are

8、( )There _______ some milk in the box .

A、is B、are C、/

9、( )_______ is the cat ? It’s under the tree .

A、What B、Where C、Which

10、( )This is a person _______ is the sister of Mary’s mother .

A、who B、which C、/

11、( )He went to a bookshop _______ buy a book .

A、with B、for C、to

12、( )________ rice do you want ?

A、How many B、How much C、How

13、( )Watching TV too much is bad ________ your eyes .

A、for B、with C、of

14、( )Does she _______ dancing ?

A、likes B、like C、/

15、( )My sister ________ the piano now

A、played B、is playing C、playing


1、must , every day , them , clean , You


2、favourite , is , What , your , fruit


3、the , is , first , Who


4、some , the , in , basket , apples , are , There _______________________________________________________

5、Where , the , panda , is



1、He can play tennis .(变为否定句)

He ______ ______ play tennis .

2、There is some chocolate .(变为一般疑问句)

_______ there ________ chocolate ?


_______ _______ she want to buy ?

4、Do you have a dog ?(否定回答)

No , ________ ________.

5、Are there any flags ?(肯定回答)

Yes , ________ ________.

七、 阅读理解,根据短文判断对错(10分)

This is my best friend . His name is Tom . He lives on the fifth floor . Dogs are his favourite animal . Lemons are his favourite fruit . Look , he is playing with a dag . His hobby is play football . He like to play with his friends on Sundays .

1、( )Tom lives on the fourth floor .

2、( )He is playing basketball now .

3、( )His favourite fruit are mangoes .

4、( )Tom likes playing football .

5、( )He likes to play football on Saturdays .



Look! There are so many people in the this picture. Yes, they look so happy.

Who is the boy swimming?

He is Paul. He likes swimming.

Who is the girl dancing?

She is Jane.

Who is the girl taking pictures?

She is Meg.

Who is the boy watching TV?

He is Peter.

Who is the girl riding a bike?

She is Kelly.

Who is the girl listening to music?

She is Sally.

Who is the boy flying a kite?

He is Sam.

Who is the boy playing on the beach?

He is Ted.

Who is the girl playing with her sister in front of the house? She is Joe.

Who is the girl playing with a cat?

She is Judy.


1 Jane, what’s your favourite animal?

I like dogs, cats, rabbits, but cats are my favourite animal. 2 Please give me a spoon.

Knife or spoon?

Spoon, please.

3 Would you like a fork?

No, thanks. Just a plate, please.

4 What would you like to drink? Some cooffe?

A glass of juice, please.

5 Would you like some burgers?

Yes, please.

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