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1. History 2. Geography 3. Tourist attractions 4. Mazu (goddess)

June 1988: An open provincial tourism economic region. October 1992: A national tourism-vacation region. October 1999: Formally opened to visitors from overseas.

Meizhou Island ?close to the shore of Putian ? the birthplace of the goddess Matsu ? 38,000 inhabitants been in fishery.

? Meizhou Island covers an area of 14.35 square kilometers 9.6 kilometers north-south 1.3 kilometers east-west The beach runs for around 20 kilometers. ? Meizhou Town is an administrative unit within the Xiuyu District of Putian City.

Tourist attractions
1)The Heavenly Empress Palace-Meizhou Ancestral Temple (天后宮湄洲祖廟) began as a small shrine soon after Matsu's death in the 10th century. It has now been renovated and greatly enlarged to accommodate pilgrims.

Tourist attractions
2) Mazu Temple Scenic Spot The Mazu Temple at Meizhou Island was first built in the Song Dynasty by a businessman, and extended into a complex in the Qing Dynasty. In 2005, the temple was awarded the cultural heritage of national level.

Tourist attractions
3) Jiubaolan(九宝澜) beach Located in the southwest of Meizhou Island, is a must-see for tourists. The beach is 3 kilometers long with soft sand and clean sea. American travelers have praised it as "China's Hawaii".

Tourist attractions
4) Stone Park Located in the south of the island, Stone Park takes up an area of 32 hectares. It has a cluster of amazing stone landscapes. The stones are of various shapes such as a frog, turtle, and carp.

Mazu (goddess)
Mazu, also spelt Matsu, is the Chinese goddess of the sea who is said to protect fishermen and sailors. Her birthplace was Meizhou (湄州) in Putian County, Fujian Province.

History of Mazu
Named Lin Moniang (林默娘). Born in the year 960. Died on 4 October 987. Remembered as a young lady in a red dress. The worship began in the Song Dynasty. Mazu is worshiped in the southeastern coastal regions of China.

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