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2011——2012学年第一学期五年级英语科第三单元目标训练题 (Unit 9---12. Book5)

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Part 1 听力部分(30%)

一、 听选单词,词组和句子。(10%)

( )1. A.dry B. wet C. messy

( )2. A. windy B. cloudy C. warm

( )3. A. year B.month C.week

( )4. A. the day before yesterday B. last Sunday C. last night

( )5. A. visited Grandma B. clean windows C. used the computer

( )6. A. I like parades. B. Let’s dance. C. I played the trumpet.

( )7. A. She helped her mother. B. He jumped. C. He cooked some food.

( )8. A. What did she need? B. What did she have? C. What did she do?

( )9. A. Is your bedroom tidy now? B. Is your bedroom messy now?

C. Was your bedroom messy this morning?

( )10.A. Did he practice the piano yesterday? B. Did you listen to music last


C. Did they need any staples last week?

二、 听问句,选答语。(7%)

( )1 .A. It is hot. B. It was warm. C. They are hot.

( )2. A. She planted trees. B. We painted a picture. C. He planted trees.

( )3. A. No, he doesn’t. B. He listened to music. C. Yes, he did.

( )4. A .Yes, she did. B. Yes, she does. C. She cooked some rice.

( )5. A .They helped Grandpa. B. He’s playing the trumpet. C. Yes, he does.

( )6. A. No, they didn’t. . B. Yes, I did. C. No, it was.

( )7. A. I practiced the piano last week. B. She practiced the piano last year.

C. He practiced the piano the day before yesterday.


Jenny ____________________ last Wednesday. Ben __________________last Friday.

Lisa _____________________ last Friday.


_________ was Saturday. Tony, Jenny, Ben and Mr. Green ________ at Tree_________ Camp. Tony planted trees. Jenny _________ him. Ben ________ some food. Mr.Green ________ the boots. They were happy.

Part 2 笔试部分(70%)


1. Tony’(be)this morning but it’s wet.

(talk) her aunt the day before yesterday.

(wash) the dishes.

4. He ______________(not visit) Uncle Jimmy .


( )1.你想告诉爸爸,今天上午他的眼镜在沙发上,可以说:

A. Your glasses are on the sofa.

B. Your glasses were on the floor this morning.

C. Your glasses were on the sofa this morning.

( )2. 你想邀请同学一起清洁教室,可以说:

A. Come on. Let’s watch. B. Come on. Let’s clean. C. Come on. Let’s cook.

( )3.你想称赞朋友的家很整洁,可以说:

A. Your house is dirty. B. Your house is tidy. C. Your house is messy.

( )4.妈妈想知道你昨天有没有练习弹钢琴,会问你:

A. Did you practice the trumpet yesterday?

B. Did you practice the violin yesterday?

C. Did you practice the piano yesterday?

( )5.你想知道Lisa在植树节干了什么,可以问:

A. What did you do on Tree Planting Day?

B. What did you do on Children’s Day?

C. What did you do on Teachers’ Day?


( )1.Ms. Black TV last night.

A. watches B. watching C. watched

( )2. _________did Peter do last summer holiday? He used a computer.

A.What B.Where C.Who

( )3. What the weather like last week? It was cool.

A.is B.was C.were

( )4.Listening! The birds __________,

A. are singing B. was singing C. were singing

( )5.What did you do _______ the parade? We danced.

A.on B. in C. at

( )6.It was Tree _________Day yesterday. We planted trees.

A. Plants B. Planted C. Planting

( )7.The park dirty yesterday, but it is clean now.

A.is B.was C.were

( A. before B. after C. at

( ) 9. She her mother yesterday afternoon.

A. doesn’t call B. don’t call C. didn’t call

( )10.What did Sally do A. tomorrow B. yesterday C.every day


Model A: Did Jenny jump yesterday?

Model B: My clothes are dry now.


1. you/ tidy/ is / bedroom / now (?)


2. trees/ last / planted/ I/ year (.)


3.the/ was/ wet/ it / before/ day / yesterday (?)


4. your/ the/ yesterday/ on / was/ book/ floor (.)

5.sally / this/ what/ aunt/ did / do/ morning(?)



1.--- __________ was the .

--- Yes, I did.

--- I ___________ the windows.

4.--- ____________your bedroom messy this morning? .


1. What do we need?__________________________

2. Is it hot in winter?__________________________

3. Is May before January?_________________________

4. Whose books are these?____________________________

5. What’6. When’八、阅读理解(8%)

It was Sunday yesterday. I didn’t go to school, but I was busy. In the morning, I cooked breakfast. After breakfast, I cleaned my bedroom. In the afternoon, I played 吃了(喝了) some juice. In the evening, I practiced the piano and used a computer. I had 过得愉快)yesterday.


( )1. I was busy yesterday.

( )2. I cooked breakfast on Sunday morning.

( )3.I cleaned the windows.

( )4.My friends and I played baseball.

( )5.I was thirsty but I wasn’t hungry.

( ) 6. I practiced the piano in the evening.

3.---What__________ you ___________last Saturday?


some juice in the afternoon.

班别: 姓名: 学号: 成绩:



(Let’s , leaves, tidy, any, holiday)

1.are red and yellow.

2. When’s winter ?

yesterday morning.

4. 5. Do Tony and Jenny have’t.


1.He watched TV last night.(改为否定句)

2.I did my homework yesterday morning.(改为一般疑问句)

3. Was your bedroom messy this morning?(否定回答)

4.When’s your cousin’s birthday?(用February4th 回答)


三、小写作:以“A Happy Sunday”为题写一写你上个星期天做了什么。5句话。


2011——2012学年第一学期五年级英语科第三单元目标训练题 (Unit 9---12. Book5)

一、 听选单词,词组和句子。(10%)

1. B. wet 2. A. windy 3. C.week 4. C. last night

5. B. clean windows 6. C. I played the trumpet. 7. A. She helped her mother.

8. C. What did she do? 9. C. Was your bedroom messy this morning?

10. B. Did you listen to music last night?

二、 听问句,选答语。(7%)

1. What was the weather like yesterday?

2.What did you do yesterday morning?

3.Did he listen to music last week?

4. What did your mother do last night?

5.Does your uncle need any juice?

6. Was it sunny yesterday afternoon?

7.What did your father do the day before yesterday.

三、根据所听到的内容,首先在相应的位置上打“√”,然后补全句子。(10%) Jenny last Wednesday. Ben and Lisa last Friday.


was Saturday. Tony, Jenny, Ben and Mr. Green at Tree Camp. Tony trees. Jenny helped him. Ben some food. Mr. Green

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